The Maytag French Door Refrigerator: Well Worth the Money

The price of the Maytag French Door Refrigerator ($1599 at Home Depot in white), model number MFD2561 may turn-off some purchasers. However, when you are making an appliance decision, picking a refrigerator, that will last for over a decade, an extra couple hundred dollars is a small price to pay for the convenience and features of the Maytag MFD2561H French Door Refrigerator.

This Maytag French Door model comes with digital temperature controls, including a “Max Cool” setting that cools the fridge quickly after loading it with new groceries, an “Away” function for when the doors won’t be opened for several days, and even an alarm telling you the doors have been left open. It includes an efficient ice maker and a filtered-water dispenser, something often lacking in the french door model refrigerator.

Inside the Maytag MFD2561 refrigerator, there are plenty of shelves, including sliding shelves and one that can be adjusted even when full. The refrigerator has plenty of door shelves big enough to hold two one-gallon jugs each, and the standard butter tray. As for crispers, the Maytag French Door model comes with two generous crisper drawers, plus a full-width, dividable deli-drawer that can hold large platters, or your every-day deli stuff.

This model (or french door models in general) do have some downsides. Quite often, you are opening both fridge doors, which wastes cool air. However, this is not any different then the old top/bottom models where the entire side opens. There is a water dispenser, but it is on the inside, not on the door. Plus, the freezer can be somewhat difficult to use, since it is all in drawers on the bottom. However, how often do you go in the freezer compared with the refrigerator? The benefits of the Maytag French Door refrigerator, however, far outweigh any of these problems. First of all, the full-width refrigerator allows you to easily store large platters, pizza boxes, or other large items. This model Maytag also provides plenty of room for all other storage. The MFD2561H controls are easy to read, and even easier to use. The refrigerator runs efficienty quitely, and keeps everything as cool as you want it.

Overall, the Maytag French Door Refrigerator, Model MFD2561H is a great investment for the family that needs extra refrigerator space and wants a great-looking, great functioning refrigerator.

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