The Money Gram Scam

Money Gram International has gotten quite popular over the years and has been making billions of dollars by customers like us. They introduced themselves as “better” than Western Union, well I’ve got news for youâÂ?¦ they lied.

David, who doesn’t want his last name shared for personal reasons, sat down with me and opened up about some horrific things Money Gram has done to his family. They have been ripping people off for years, while claiming it was solely their customer’s own fault.

David first showed me receipts of when his wife purchased the money transfers. This showed that she had bought (2) $500.00 transfer slips that cost a total of $80.00 (on top of the $1,000) to acquire for rent that was going to be due the following Monday. His wife had bought the transfers (of course you do have to pay with cash when sending and receiving money) because she was going out of town to take care of her ill mother. Their teenage daughter was having a slumber party that weekend and there were going to be many teens in the home. So, since David had to work and his wife would be gone, they decided this would be the safest way to ensure the survival of their rent money. Note: The receipts clearly state David as the receiver of the money and it was to “Be picked up in the United States.”

When He went to pick it up from the Albertsons, next door to the Post Office, for immediate mailing to his landlord, he discovered something horrifyingâÂ?¦ the money was gone! He called Money Gram and had asked where it was – to which they replied, “It has been picked up already.” Clearly this was unacceptable and David demanded to know where and by whom the money was claimed. After proving by way of reference number located on his receipt, verification of his home address, phone number along with his Driver’s License number that he was indeed the intended receiver they knew couldn’t crawl their way out of this confrontation. Unfortunately, the unprofessional people working at Money Gram said that it was “none of his businessâÂ?¦ it was confidential.”

The pamphlets that were given to David and his wife at the time of purchase clearly states: “For California residents: you, the customer, are entitled to a refund of money to be transmitted as the result of this agreement if Money Gram Payment Systems (Money Gram Inc.) does not forward the money received money from you within ten date of this receipt , or does not give instructions committing an equivalent amount of money to the person designated by you within ten days of the date of this receipt of funds from you unless otherwise instructed by you – -You have a right to a refund of your money – -if you do not receive a refund you may be entitled to your money back and a penalty of up to 1,000 dollars to the pursuant of sec. 1810.5 of the California financial code – – Money Gram is 100% guaranteed”

His wife returned to town and went to the police station to see about getting a report filed as per the request of their lawyers. After the officer assigned to the case talked with ‘Scott’ of the Fraud division in Money Gram, he disclosed that the money had been picked up in Montreal Canada by someone with a valid ID and that the offices outside of the United States sometimes have ‘dishonest’ people working for the company and since they all share the same data it is simple and is all too common for them to take money from people that are entered into the system by current transfers.

I know what you are thinking, why would they allow money to be picked up, even if the person provided a false ID, outside of the country it Specifically marked for pick up? Sounds to me like a no-brainer. The frauds responsible for this were obviously working on the inside for this whole matter to have occurred and the money should’ve been refunded immediately.

The officer did tell them that Scott was rude and basically told them that they would not be getting a refund just because they were scammed. More calls for help traveled to any ears that would listen but it seemed as though it were a lost cause.
Finally, after realizing that this family was serious enough to have the police involved and have their lawyers write letters to the headquarters over the theft of their rent money, that Money Gram had allowed to happen, ‘Scott’ told David that they would be given a refund but first he had to go through a few steps. First, writing a statement, photo copying his license, prove by way of his employer that his story was correct and he was not in Canada-lastly, get all statements notarized. All of which he did and could prove 100%. After spending the money to notarize all that was requested ‘Scott’ called back and said: “I have decided NOT to refund the money, it wasn’t my fault you were conned. If you pursue this matter we will keep the case wrapped up for quite possibly years – ultimately making you responsible for thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees.” David’s lawyers at the time heard the same thing from the legal department of Money Gram and said it might be in the best interest of this family to let the matter go before they lost everything. Although it was up to David and his family, he did not wish to gamble with the possibility of losing anything else during this long process.

Of course, the intimidation worked and the proof of what scam artists really work behind this business name remains quiet. This family almost lost their home and was taken for over $1,000. Since then, they have learned as have I that there are literally THOUSANDS of other victims most are elderly or those with tight incomes trying to support their children.

I highly recommend that you never use Money Gram and stick to Western Union. Western Union has strict policies and they always put the customer ahead of their own profit. Unfortunately, Money Gram, or “Money Scam” as its reputation is rapidly growing, is all about theft and the justification of such an act. Don’t let yourself or the ones you love become a statistic of the Americans caught in the middle of this Money Gram generated fraud ring.

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