The Nintendo Revolution

Back before all the play stations, Sony’s X box, and Nintendo DS, there was a game system we all grew up with and loved, the original Nintendo. I actually still own one of the original Nintendo game systems. We brought it out a few weeks ago and the whole family played Mario Brothers as if we had never seen it. My children thought it to be the coolest thing they had ever seen; grant it they are two and four. How many days were spent in front of the television trying to beat Mario brothers, or playing Tetris until you head hurt? With the addition of the NES Advantage, the first way to enhance (cheat), no game was safe.

I was one of the last people on my block to get a Nintendo, and I was so glad I finally had something to talk about with my friends. I think everyone had a game that refused to work or froze in the middle of the last board of their favorite game. The technical term for what we had to do, I like to call, the blow-shove-slam. You have to blow as hard as you can on the inside of the cartridge, shove it as hard as you could into the system, and slam it down into place. I do not know who started it but it worked, most of the time. If all else failed throw the controller at the Nintendo and refuse to play it.

Those days are long gone, and an old favorite is on it way back to the shelves, new and improved. The Nintendo Revolution, title for now, is supposed to be released sometime this year. It has gotten away from the big ,single colored self by now being the size of about three DVD cases stacked on top of each other. There could be as many as five different colors available. There will enough ports for four controllers to be plugged in as well as two memory packs. There are two front slots for 512 MB flash memory for game saves. For the older folks who like the older system’s games there will be an on-line service to download games from the original NES, S-NES, and the Nintendo 64. In other words this new game console will play most of the Nintendo games released.

This Nintendo will have a lot of new features as well as lack in some that the other systems have. The “Revolution” will not be able to play DVD’s out of the box, and additional purchase will be required. It will not support HI-Def, according to the makers, this would cause an increase in price, and they are concentrating on making this new game system affordable. It is nice to know someone is looking out for the customers. There is also no hard drive in the Nintendo. On the up side, you will be able to plug this system into a television as well as a computer monitor. They have not let a lot of information out to the press, but some of the older games will have sequels like, Super Smash Brothers, Zelda, Mario Brother’s, and Animal Crossing. I myself cannot wait to play Mario brothers again.

The problem, with many of the console providers is they assume we will pay as much as we have to in order to keep up with the latest trends, and we do. I know people have shelled out over $1000.00 to get a new game system. They do not even bother giving us two controllers or even any games anymore. The new Nintendo Revolution is set to be $250.00 or less if possible, now that is what I like to here. Here we get and affordable game with the latest technology. No release date has been set but I would say all the major companies would release in time for Christmas this year. I will definitely be in line for this one.

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