The Rinx in Hauppauge, NY for Your Child’s Ice Skating Birthday Party

A child’s birthday is supposed to be a grand adventure for the child and his or her friends, and a happy occasion for the parents who are proud to celebrate another year of their child’s life. But preparation for such an event can also be a lot of hard work, as well as the resulting cleanup. Rather than planning your child’s birthday party as a home event this year, and instead of the standard and predictable party at a local restaurant that caters to children’s parties, why not try something uniquely fun for everyone?

Having your child’s party at an ice skating rink is not only creative, it will provide hours of enjoyment for both the kids and the parents who accompany them, with a bare minimum of fuss.

The Rinx, located off Terry Rd. in Hauppauge, New York, can suitably meet all your party expectations with their attentive and experienced staff. Reasonably priced at $150.00 for a minimum of ten children, you will receive special attention to your party needs as well as appropriate decorations and favors. These include party invitations, balloons, food consisting of either hot dogs or pizza along with a snack and beverage, as well as the birthday cake, unless you prefer to bring your own.

Under the guidance of professional skating instructors, the kids will be able to ice skate for nearly two hours. As an extra bonus, the birthday child will receive free passes for future skating endeavors, and the parents of the birthday child will of course be allowed to skate for free as well.

You will need only yourself and the birthday present, and The Rinx will take care of the rest. While the ice rink may be the ideal choice for birthday parties, it should also be considered for Bar and BatMitzvahs, Church Socials, and Girl/Boy Scout Meetings & Parties. For nearly any special occasion, The Rinx can provide a wonderfully different party experience.

And after the initial portion of the party has ended, you can explore the beautiful surrounding area of Hidden Pond Park in Hauppauge, New York, so that the party can continue. There are small networks of trails to walk along with the kids, and a small pond to relax by. You may want to purchase or bring along additional snacks, and a trash bag to carry the wrappers back in.

You will have enabled the children to have a birthday experience they wont soon forget, while at the same time being able to enjoy the party yourself without having to worry about preparation, party supplies, and cleaning up.

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