The Sims Resource Product Review

The Sims Resource is an online community that hosts the content of many designers of objects for The Sims and Sims 2. While it is a subscription site, meaning that you have to pay a monthly fee for full access, on average about 3% of their total downloads are free to anyone as long as they register. The downloads rotate on a regular basis, so you never know what content will be available to you as a free user, which means that you can get some really interesting stuff even if you’re not a paying member.

The Sims Resource is unique, in that it has a lot of designers so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something you like. There is so much content that you may never get through it all. They also have a rating system for their content designers so you can figure out where the best downloads are and they feature their designers and showcase their work.

The work is as varied as it is plentiful. Some of my best objects came from the talented designers at TSR. They even work off each others’ creations. If one person makes a really good mesh, other people will recolor it. It doesn’t even take a lot of work for me to find recolors. If I see a mesh I want, I can have it search for recolors and they’re right there for me to download.

TSR (The Sims Resource) also has many other interesting features. You can see what the upcoming downloads will be and when they will be available. You can also join the community and talk to others.

They make downloading and installation easy with their wizard, which you can download on their site. If you’re not into the wizard, you can download objects alone, sets, or add up to 200 things to a download basket and download them all at once. I really enjoy having the option to download the best way for my needs.

Best of all, though, is their search engine. I can look at Sims 2 or The Sims objects, I can look for only items of a certain type, like beds or toddler clothes. I can even streamline it further by telling the search engine which expansions I have so that it only brings me objects that are compatible with my version of Sims 2.

When it comes to downloads for my Sims, TSR is always the first place I go. Not only are they the most likely to have what I need, but they always manage to surprise me with things I’d never even seen. I would recommend TSR to anyone who’s looking for a place that’s easy to navigate and has a lot of content. For the subscription fee, it’s well worth it. Go check them out and tell me what you think!

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