The Swimming Pool Buyer’s Guide: Essential Swimming Pool Accessories

Like numerous other homeowners, you may be considering buying a swimming pool. Swimming pools provide a great source of entertainment and fun. However, they do require frequent maintenance. It doesn’t matter what type of swimming pool you are considering; above ground or inground, all swimming pools require accessories. Chances are, when you buy your swimming pool, the salesperson will try to sell accessories to you. The accessories can add up. So, before you step foot in the store, make sure you know what accessories you will need. You may even want to price compare accessories before you even buy your swimming pool. Don’t feel forced to buy the accessories from the same place you bought your swimming pool from, unless they are giving you the best deal.

Filtration system

All swimming pools need a filtration system for the water. The filtration system you buy will have to be able to handle the amount of water in your swimming pool. It can’t be stressed how important a filtration system is. The main job of a filtration system is to remove bacteria, which can be harmful, out of your swimming pool. It also eliminates small particles and debris.

Swimming pool vacuum

The next swimming pool accessory you will need is a vacuum. You’re going to need a vacuum that is specific to the type of swimming pool you own or plan to purchase. There are various types of vacuums available, and you want to ensure you don’t purchase the wrong one. Make sure you check with the salesperson if the vacuum is right for your type of swimming pool. The vacuum is used to suck up all the debris which has sunk to the bottom of the swimming pool.

Skimmer/straining basket

You’re also going to want to purchase a “skimmer.” It’s also known as a straining basket. It works in conjunction with your vacuum and filtration system. You use the skimmer to eliminate the floating debris and insects, and perhaps the occasional frog, or wayward bat, in your swimming pool water. You should skim your swimming pool every time you use it. The skimmer will be your primary cleaning tool.

Swimming pool cover

It’s also advisable you purchase a swimming pool cover. Swimming pool covers are available in several types of colors, sizes, and materials. A swimming pool cover will help to cut down the on the work for the filtration system, the vacuum, and the skimmer, by helping prevent debris and organic matter from infiltrating your swimming pool.

Swimming pool covers are also an especially good idea if you have children, either in your home or your neighborhood. Swimming pool covers will help prevent accidental drowning. Make sure you buy a swimming pool cover that is constructed sturdily. You should always keep your pool covered when it is not in use.

Maintenance chart

You should also invest in a maintenance chart. By having a maintenance chart you will be able to track all upkeep associated with your swimming pool. A maintenance chart will also aid you in knowing what chemicals you used, what the readings of your swimming pool water were on particular days, and when and what tests you have done.

This is one item that most pool owners don’t even consider. However, don’t let the simplicity of it fool you; it is a powerful tool for a pool owner.

Swimming pool chemicals

You will, of course, need chemicals for the swimming pool water. You need to keep the pH of the water balanced. They will ensure everyone who swims in your pool stays healthy. Among the chemicals you will need are: Chlorine, clarifier, and pH chemicals. You need to keep the water levels balanced. This is one of the most important responsibilities as a swimming pool owner. You really should check your water and ph levels on a daily basis, while doing regular pool maintenance.

You’ll have to have a kit to test the water, before you can know what chemicals you need in your water. You can get testing kits in either a strip or bottle form. As mentioned, they allow you to test the chemical levels in your water. Keeping your water balanced is very important. The testing is not labor intensive or time consuming. It only takes a few minutes.

The above mentioned are essential pool accessories you should have. They will allow you to maintain your pool optimally. After all, you want to spend more time enjoying your pool than maintaining it. Of course, don’t forget to splurge on a few pieces of swimming pool blow up toys and furniture. Having fun is the point to owning a swimming pool.

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