The Swivel Sweeper Will Help You with Quick Cleaning

Take a broom, add the maneuverability of “The Swiffer,” the suction of a handheld vacuum, and you’ve got the Swivel Sweeper!

The Swivel Sweeper really does go where you can’t get a typical cordless vacuum. It is made with a set of sliders on the bottom of the suction area that keep it moving smoothly. Most products like this have wheels that only allow you to move forward and backward while the head of the unit remains in the same position. The Swivel Sweeper’s head rotates and entire 360 degrees, so that you can turn (and move) it in any direction while it continues to vacuum.

They also utilize what they call their “Quad Brush Technology.” What that means is that there are actually rotating heads on every side of the vacuuming head. So, no matter which direction it is moving, you are picking up debris on that side.

We have three children and homeschool. Our house is in a constant state of use. Because it is cordless and extremely light, all three of my kids can use the Swivel Sweeper. Even my four-year-old can pull it out, quickly vacuum up after a snack (which inevitably leaves a slew of crumbs under the table), empty the compartment and put it away.

This product is extremely easy to empty. There are two tabs on top of the main unit. You simply squeeze them toward each other while lifting up on the handle. The compartment that hold the dirt and debris is released and is waiting right there on the floor for you, as you pull away the unit. Once you dump it, just line up the tabs with the appropriate slots and push down on the unit (using only the handle) to snap it right back in place.

You can use your Swivel Sweeper on every type of floor. I have used it on tile, vinyl, wood and carpet. It picks up in all these areas and causes no damage. I do occasionally find that on a hard surface it might send some small pieces of dirt shooting across the floor if they hit one of the rotating brushes just right (much like a full-size vacuum might do on a hard floor occasionally). Yet, I’ve been able to pick them up with just another try.

The battery charger is also simple, although my children are unable to squeeze the tabs hard enough to release it once it is fully charged again. I am not disappointed in this, however, because the battery locks into the Swivel Sweeper itself in the same way. It needs to be secure to maintain contact during use.

With your Swivel Sweeper, you receive a free “Mini Sweeper.” This is simply a plastic container with a rotating brush attached. It is not motorized in any way. You simply roll the Mini Sweeper across a surface and the brush rotates based on your movement. It flicks dirt up into the container. The top can be popped off and emptied into the trash can. While I wasn’t terribly impressed when I first saw it, I have since discovered that it is perfect for crumbs on the couch, or needed pick-ups in the car. Now that I’ve used it, I’m very glad to have it!

The Swivel Sweeper costs about $40 and you will pay an additional $15 in shipping. The Mini Sweeper is a free gift. However, on their web site,, you can order an extra sweeper (and also get an extra Mini Sweeper) for just the additional cost of the shipping. That gives you two Swivel Sweepers and two Mini Sweepers for $70 total. You might want to keep one in different areas of the house, or a camper. I bought the extra one and gave it to my sister-in-law for Christmas. She was already using and loving hers that very night!

The Swivel Sweeper is not meant to replace a full-sized vacuum. It is a very souped-up broom that will help you keep on top of the little daily messes. With it’s light weight, portability and 360 degree rotation, even a four-year-old can operate it.

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