The Top 5 Best Upcoming Nintendo DS Games

With everything from action to adventure to puzzle games planned to be released, the highly popular and successful Nintendo DS will have its share of games to entice every kind of gamer. It’s hard to keep track of what you should be interested in and what just plain isn’t worth your time. This guide is meant to inform and help you decide on which games might just be worth getting in the upcoming months for your Nintendo DS.

One of the biggest games coming out in the following months is Square Enix’s Final Fantasy III. Since it’s the only game from the Final Fantasy series that was never released outside of Japan, expect this one to be huge to almost every gamer. Originally made for the Nintendo Entertainment System, the game might be considered a little outdated to the unknowledgeable. However, almost anything from this RPG series will get gamers hyped up and this one is not excluded from that rule.

Perhaps the most surprising upcoming game to be released by Nintendo is Yoshi’s Island 2. The game is a sequel to the Super NES game, which was praised for its unique puzzle-platform gameplay and brilliant art design. Although some gamers are concerned that it is not being developed by Nintendo and instead by Artoon, people that have played it have only said good things about the game. The game looks to expand on its puzzles, as it includes new characters such as Baby Peach, Baby Donkey Kong, and Baby Wario which all have different abilities. The game is scheduled to be released in November and will likely be a hit.

From the mind of Suda 51 comes Contact, an adventure game that is reminding avid gamers of Earthbound, a very popular NES game. The game has some interesting ideas, which is no surprise as Suda 51’s other game was the schizophrenic Killer 7. The game actually advertising itself as “shattering the fourth wall entirely,” as the game is completely aware that you a gamer who is meant to help the characters in the game. With some clever humor and out of the ordinary gameplay and ideas, Contact could very likely be the next cult hit game for the Nintendo DS.

The next iteration of the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series is set to come out for the Nintendo DS in just a few weeks. The puzzle series allows players to navigate Mini Marios through many various levels filled with obstacles. Fans of the original will be especially interested in this one, but the level creator will allow almost infinite replay value with this game. Gamers can even send their maps to friends through Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Connection. The Nintendo DS has some great puzzle games and this should one will likely be added to that wonderful list which includes games like Meteos and Tetris DS.

One of Nintendo’s flagship series, The Legend of Zelda, will also have its first game for the Nintendo DS released in March of 2007. Although it recently got pushed back to that date, the hype for this game remains high. The game brings back the overhead view gamers saw in the first games in the series and those on the Game Boy Advance. It also features the unique cel-shading art style found in The Wind Waker, which was released for the GameCube several years ago. The control scheme for the game is essentially all touch-screen based, as gamers are able to control Link with the touch-screen and are able to tap enemies to attack them.

The Nintendo DS will be offering brand new games for every kind of gamer in the upcoming months. These five games are the ones that almost every gamer are keeping an eye on. Hopefully this guide helped inform you about some the of the most popular and best upcoming Nintendo DS games.

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