The Top Hamburgers in New York City

For that deep down hungry feeling, nothing in the entire world beats a juicy burger. Head to head, it leaves the hot dog and the pizza in the dust. When you sink your teeth into that meat and bun, with grease streaking down your cheeks – that is the moment of truth. The right burger can put you on the express lane to deliciousness heaven while the wrong one can send you right into taste bud hell. Luckily for you, somebody did the research, walked through the fire, exposed their taste buds to the vagaries of the burger sensation, and compiled the only guide you will ever need for when you want to eat a hamburger in

New York City. That is absolutely right ladies and gents – all you have to do is pick one of these three New York City locations and you too can have a little slice of burger heaven. So roll up your sleeves, pull out those napkins, and get ready to chow.

56 Ninth Avenue
(between 14th and 15th Streets) in NYC

Welcome to the grand temple of all hamburgers where the burger royalty reside. This is not for the faint of heart. You had better bring a big appetite and a fat wallet, because both are going to get heavy utilization. At Old Homestead you are treated to the dark lighting and heavy wood of a tried and true steakhouse. Sink into the plush seats and order one of the most special dishes you will ever have – the $40+ hamburger. That is not a typo. You will need to shell out two Andrew Jacksons plus tip for “just a burger”. Only it is a lot more than just a burger – it is an entire hamburger experience made with the most tender, highest quality Kobe beef and served with mouth watering tater tots and an entire kaleidoscope of sauces. It is also the largest hamburger you will likely encounter and the taste is pure heaven, so be sure to bring an empty stomach – or risk exploding!


Multiple Locations
521 3rd Avenue
(near 35th street) in NYC

The self-titled “home of the 7 ounce burger” is one of New Yorker’s favorite destinations for that greasy, meaty jamboree. You can choose from beef, chicken, or vegetable incarnations and ask for any one (or all) of a dozen toppings including guacamole, ham, mushrooms, onions, or even fried eggs. Confused by all the choices? Not to worry – just get the classic and you won’t be sorry. The burgers here really hit the spot and the wood-panelled interior does wonders for the digestive process. The secret has been all over New York City for a long time, so it is invariably crowded, but the staff is friendly, the service is quick, and the burgers are darn good. Best of all, Jackson Hole has multiple locations, so regardless of whether you are shopping on the Upper East, browsing in SoHo, or touring the Financial District, this little landmark is just a hop and a skip away.

331 W. 4th Street
(near 8th Ave.) in NYC

The name of the place suggests a cozy, neighborhood tavern and that is just what you get with this gem of a place where smartly dressed business people rub shoulders with folks in work clothes on lunch break while the locals turn up for a stiff drink in the evenings. Come in and let your hair down. Grab a soda and order yourself a hamburger or two. The burgers here are small, juicy, and incredibly messy, but the taste will stay with you for a lifetime. Chow down and enjoy. Without question or doubt, one of the top burgers in the city, and the friendly neighborhood and cozy atmosphere only add to the experience.

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