The Top Places to Eat Homemade Ice Cream in Newton, Massachusetts

Massachusetts is known for it’s abundance of homemade ice cream parlors and stands. Three of the finest places to eat homemade ice cream can be found in the city of Newton, Massachusetts. The top three places to eat ice cream in Newton all have different atmospheres and neighborhoods, but share one thing in common, they are great places to stop in any time of day and enjoy delicious ice cream.

The first ice cream parlor on the list can be found in the village of Chestnut Hill. White Mountain Creamery is directly across the street from the main campus of Boston College. This ice cream parlor, just a block up from the BC T-stop, always has a joyous atmosphere. The clientele, a nice mixture of students and families, sit in the spacious restaurant on stools and at tables. Customers can play board games (provided by the restaurant) or just watch the activity out on Commonwealth Avenue.

The best part of White Mountain Creamery, is the ice cream, of course. Their ice cream is dense and smooth, creamier than the average parlor. Two flavors which they do superbly are Heath Bar and Fudge & Nuts. The item not to be missed at White Mountain Creamery is the homemade waffle cone, sweet and crunchy; it is the perfect vessel for the amazing ice cream.

The next ice cream parlor on the list is Cabot’s Ice Cream and Restaurant in the village of Newtonville. Cabot’s has been around since 1969 and once you have visited you will understand why they have lasted. The ice cream parlor is reminiscent of days past, decorated in a retro style and operated by a friendly wait staff. A large selection of diner-style meals are served here, but the specialty is ice cream, specifically, extravagant ice cream sundaes.

The ice cream at Cabot’s gets its own menu, with lots of categories, including Sundae Creations, Parfaits, Banana Boat Creations, Ice Cream Sodas & Floats and Belgian Waffles. Each item has a detailed description, making ordering decisions tough. The Belgian Waffle Sundae is a top choice at Cabot’s, as is the Banana Boat. Make your way to Cabot’s with an empty stomach, sit at a little table by the window and take a step back in time to enjoy their delicious treats.

Last stop on the Newton ice cream tour is JP Licks in Newton Centre. Located in the hub of Newton, this is a fantastic place to relax after browsing the surrounding shops or for dessert after dining at one of the many restaurants that surround JP Licks. It is a smaller parlor in terms of seating and at busier times, the place can seem a little hectic, but the ice cream is worth it. At JP Licks they take the pure flavors seriously, the Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee have strong flavor and velvety texture. The chunkier flavors, like Cookie Dough and Coffee Oreo, have generous portions of the cookies or candies.

To keep the ice cream menu interesting, JP Licks has a bunch of special ice cream flavors that change each month. Two of September’s flavors are Oreos in Cake Batter and Butter Almond. If you visit JP Licks, do not forget to bring some home for your dog, they have a special ice cream treat designed specifically for canines.

If you live in Newton, Massachusetts or are just visiting, White Mountain Creamery, Cabot’s Ice Cream and Restaurant, and JP Licks all have amazing ice cream and pleasant atmospheres. Bring a date, your kids or just yourself and enjoy the delectable homemade ice cream that Newton has to offer.

White Mountain Creamery is located on 19 Commonwealth Avenue, Chestnut Hill, MA, 02467. The phone number is 617.527.8790. Hours are 10 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week.

Cabot’s Ice Cream and Restaurant is located on 743 Washington Street, Newtonville, MA, 02460. The phone number is 617.964.9200 or 617.965.0909. Hours change monthly, but the restaurant is always closed on Mondays.

JP Licks is located on 46 Langley Road, Newton Centre, MA, 02459. The phone number is 617.244.0666. Call ahead for hours of operation.

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