Hot Potato Salad with Bacon Recipe

If have a carving for warm and delicious dishes, then Hot Potato with Bacon is the right option for you as it takes no time to charge your taste buds and to provide you with an appetizing taste. The vinaigrette dressing improves the taste of the salad. Traditionally, this salad is served warm. You can serve it as a side dish at lunch or dinner time or take it to a picnic or get-together.

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 30 minutes
Serving size: 04
Utensils needed: sauce pan, pot, mixing bowl, serving plate, spoon or whisk, stove


– 6 bacon slices – chopped
– 1 medium sized red onion – diced
– Freshly ground black pepper
– 2 cloves garlic – chopped
– 1/4 cup freshly chopped dill leaves – plus more for garnish

Ingredients for Vinaigrette dressing:
– 1/2 cup white wine vinegar
– 1 tablespoon coarse-grained mustard
– 1 tablespoon sugar
– 2 1/2 pounds red potatoes – diced into 1-inch cubes
– Salt


  • 1

    First of all make the vinaigrette dressing and set it aside for some time to marinate thoroughly.

    Take a medium mixing bowl and add in white wine vinegar, coarse-grained mustard, sugar and potato slices. Top the ingredients with a pinch of salt and whisk them together for a few seconds until the salt dissolves thoroughly. Set this dressing aside at room temperature until you prepare the salad.

  • 2

    Take a medium pot and place the potatoes in it. Pour in cold water until the potatoes are completely covered. Set the pot on the stove and bring it to boil over medium heat. Once the water starts boiling, slow down the heat and let the potatoes simmer for 18 to 20 minutes or until tender. Remove the pot from the stove and drain the boiled potatoes with great care.  Place the potatoes in a large bowl and cover it with a foil wrapping sheet to keep them warm until you mix the other ingredients.

  • 3

    Now, place the bacon in a large saucepan and cover it with cold water. Place it on the stove over medium heat and cook it until crispy.  Remove it from the heat, drain and place it on a paper towel-lined sheet tray. Set the tray aside.

  • 4

    Add the dash of ground black pepper, diced red onion, and chopped garlic to the bacon greased. Now, cook it for 3 to 5 minutes or until tender.

  • 5

    Add the vinaigrette dressing to the vegetables and let it sauté for 2 to 3 more minutes until reduced and thick.

  • 6

    Gently add the dill, potatoes and boiled bacon to the pan and toss them properly with the vinaigrette dressing.

  • 7

    Let it cook for 3 more minutes and season it with some salt and pepper.

  • 8

    Shift the potato salad to a large serving platter and sprinkle it with the remaining chopped fresh dill.

  • 9

    Serve your Hot Potato Salad with bacon and enjoy

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