The Top Restaurants in Derry, New Hampshire

The town of Derry, New Hampshire is a town on the rise. Technically, Derry is the fourth largest city in the state. In true town fashion, Derry held a town meeting and voted to not become a city legally, but to remain a town. This has not stopped big business from coming to Derry and Derry has grown exponentially. With the Manchester Airport only ten minutes away, there are even more visitors traveling into the town. While in Derry, New Hampshire, there are several restaurants that are must visit.

Depot Square Steakhouse
One Easy Broadway
Derry, NH 03038
(603) 437-4200

The Depot Square Steakhouse is a fairly new addition to town of Derry. Located right on what is known as the main road, they have a prime location. The restaurant is on the smaller side creating a very comfortable and very elegant atmosphere. The dinners are priced on the higher side with the steak and seafood right around $20 with some extending toward $30. Chicken dishes range around $15 while salads and sandwiches can be purchased for around $10. As the name indicates, the Depot Square Steakhouse serves up an incredible steak. The fillet mignon is mouth watering and can practically be cut with a fork. There is also a full bar available with a very large selection of wine, beer, and spirits. During the nicer weather, the Depot Square Steakhouse offers patio seating. When in Derry, New Hampshire, it would be a shame to miss out on the incredible dining experience at the Depot Square Steakhouse.

MaryAnn’s Diner
29 East Broadway
Derry, NH 03038
(603) 434-5785

Maryann’s Diner is the pride and joy of Derry, New Hampshire. In true diner style, Maryann’s is a 1950’s style restaurant. The waitresses wear poodle skirts and scarves and the walls are decorated with memorabilia from that decade. Maryanne’s serves breakfast and lunch only with breakfast served all day and only breakfast served on weekends. The food is incredible. It is extremely difficult to choose something off of the menu. This restaurant is very kid friendly and kids have a great menu of their own to choose from. The only thing better than the food is the price of the food. Maryann’s Diner is a very inexpensive restaurant where an entire family of four could eat for $20. The service, atmosphere, and food make Maryann’s Diner a very popular place to eat. When in the Derry, New Hampshire area, make sure to visit Maryann’s Diner for the best breakfast anywhere.

Power Wok
55 Crystal Avenue
Derry, NH 03038
(603) 537-2392

Power Wok has been a staple at Hood Plaza in Derry for several years. Power Wok, as the name implies, is a Chinese restaurant. They do not yet have a website to visit, but rest easy knowing that the food is great. The atmosphere inside is very calm and comfortable. The decor is mostly blue with traditional Chinese decorations. This restaurant is buffet style that makes it very family friendly. They offer quite a large variety of Chinese cuisine as well as some American cuisine to satisfy everyone. They offer a full bar and of course waiter service for drinks. A big hit is the ice cream bar for dessert. All food is included in the buffet price regardless of how much or how little you choose to indulge. The buffet is a fabulous option because you don’t need to order your food and wait for it to arrive. If you’re very hungry then the buffet is a great place to go and the best buffet in Derry, New Hampshire is Power Wok.

Pinkerton Tavern
13 Manchester Road
Derry, NH 03053
(603) 425-6665

The Pinkerton Tavern is a wonderful restaurant with a cozy and romantic atmosphere. They offer a wide variety of upscale foods and are known in the area for the steak and seafood. There is often a special running on one or the other. If you are a steak love then be sure to try the Lobster Stuffed Fillet Mignon. Seafood lovers should try the Grilled Swordfish Oscar. The prices for dinner are up wards of $20 with a few options just under. The lunch menu offers all meals at under $10. The bar is full service and there are several stools available for dining at the bar. There is no dress code per say but this is a very nice restaurant and probably not the place to bring young children. Heading out for an elegant dinner in Derry, New Hampshire means going to The Pinkerton Tavern.

USA Subs
66 Crystal Ave
Derry, NH 03038
(603) 437-1550

USA Subs is a family owned sub shop that has long been a staple is Derry, New Hampshire. This sub shop is so popular that they do not need a website for advertisement. Each sub begins with freshly made bread and then includes only the freshest meats and vegetables. USA Subs is known for the incredible steak bomb they serve. Other fan favorites include the classic Italian as well as the dangerously addictive meatball and provolone. USA Subs also offers a variety of salads, as well as drinks, chips, and homemade whoopee pies. There are several seats inside, however USA Subs is often so busy that it is standing room only. Do not let this deter you because USA Subs is the best sub you will ever have the pleasure of eating.

15 Manchester Road
Derry, NH 03038
(603) 432-5600

Applebee’s is a very large chain restaurant and everyone in America has probably seen or eaten in one before. Applebee’s is a very family friendly environment. The menu has a lot of variety at affordable prices. They stock a full bar and have drinks unique to their menu that are delicious. If you are in Derry, New Hampshire and are looking for a laid back environment that is comfortable and familiar, then Applebee’s is the place to go.

The next time you are visiting Derry, New Hampshire, make sure to check out one or all of these fabulous restaurants. Derry is a great mixture of people and the food is indicative of this mixture. When visiting Derry, New Hampshire you can rest assured that you will not be hungry.

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