The Top Restaurants in Elkton, Maryland

Elkton, Maryland is a small town in the northeastern corner of the state of Maryland. Elkton has an approximate population of 14,500 residents. There are a number of chain restaurants in Elkton, but I have found that the smaller, mostly family owned restaurants provide the best food and the most courteous service.

If you live in Elkton, Maryland, or if you just come to visit, or even if you are just passing by on I-95 on your way further north, be sure to check out some of the following restaurants. You won’t be disappointed! I enjoy all types of restaurants from take out to “fast food” to fine dining. A sampling of all types of restaurants are represented here.

1. Great Wall is located at 991 E. Pulaski Highway in Elkton, Maryland: You can call them at 410-392-9988. The Great Wall Chinese Food Restaurant serves food in their small dining area. This is an order at the counter type of place where food that is eaten-in, is served on paper plates. Much of the business of this establishment, however, is take-out. The food is the traditional foods you see at a Chinese food restaurant, however, the difference is that everything is very fresh. Every order is cooked to your specifications so if there is an ingredient you don’t care for, it can be omitted or possibly substituted. For one example, my husband typically orders a “combination dinner” which includes an entrÃ?©e, pork fried rice and an egg roll. My husband does not eat pork and this restaurant is more than willing to serve him vegetable fried rice in place of the pork fried rice. They have never messed up yet and we’ve been ordering food from them for over 5 years now. The prices at this restaurant are very reasonable and the portions are very large. Containers are stuffed full when you order food for take out. Even when busy, orders are typically really in under 20 minutes from the time of ordering.

2. Northside Deli is located in the 100 Northside Shopping Plaza in Elkton, Maryland. Their phone number is 410-398-6633. At this deli, you will find not only a wide variety of subs and sandwiches but also cold platters, hot platters, salads, wings, and even breakfast items! There are a few tables where one may eat their food but again, most of this restaurant’s business is take out. They serve breakfast during typical breakfast hours only and their menu includes items such as pancakes, omelets and breakfast sandwiches for people on the go. For lunch or dinner you can get a small sub for as little as $3.25 or a large sub for as little as $5.50. Both sizes are more than generously sized and filled with whatever you order. Everything here is prepared fresh to order and orders are typically ready in less than 10 minutes.

3. Jake’s Hamburgers is located at 1 Commercial Plaza (Rt. 213) in Elkton, Maryland. You can call them at 410-392-9800: Jake’s is a small local chain in the area with 5 locations, one of which is in Elkton. At this restaurant, you order at the counter and there are tables where you can eat in or you can take your food out. There is also a small area with picnic tables outside where you can eat. Their specialty is hamburgers but they do offer hot dogs and a grilled chicken sandwich as well. These hamburgers are absolutely the best I’ve ever had. They claim that their beef is fresh ground and never frozen and I believe it. Eleven condiments are offered for all sandwiches free of charge. And, to make a good place even better, they serve fresh hand-dipped and thick milkshakes in a variety of flavors. The serving is large enough to share and good enough to keep for yourself! And, unlike your typical fast food place, you can call ahead and your order will be ready when you arrive. However, I just walk in and my food is cooked to order and it’s still ready in less than 10 minutes!

4. Elkton Diner is located at 110 Big Elk Mall in Elkton, Maryland. Their phone number is 410-620-0500: The Elkton Diner is a typical diner with a menu that is several pages long. They have everything from sandwiches to steak dinners and everything in between. Their portions are very generous. For example, my daughter and I split a dinner whenever we go there and there is always more than enough for each of us. I think one thing that makes this diner different from other diners is that they offer a salad bar. This is offered as a part of every entrÃ?©e meal. Every day they have their daily specials which are regular menu items at a reduced price. There are usually 8-10 of these specials plus a soup of the day and the day’s vegetables.. In addition, they offer a “mini-meal” which is a smaller version of the regular meal but is still quite generous and includes the salad bar plus your choice of jello or pudding for dessert. The Elkton Diner serves breakfast 24 hours per day 7 days per week. They have breakfast specials as well but all breakfasts are huge and at a low price. And, of course, typical of a diner, they have their cake display. It is not a huge display but everything that they serve is freshly baked and totally delicious!

5. Fairhill Inn is located at 3370 Singerly Road in Elkton, Maryland. Their phone number is 410-398-4187: The Fairhill Inn is a fine dining experience. Reservations are suggested but not totally required at this restaurant. It is a small restaurant in a historic building with gourmet foods. This restaurant specializes in seafood but also offers beef, lamb and other dishes. The menu changes on a monthly basis so it’s never exactly the same place twice. They offer a prix fixe menu with 7 courses for $68 or you can order courses a la carte. They also offer an extensive wine list if you are interested in wines with your meal. The atmosphere is quaint and the service is impeccable.

So, now that you know where to dine when you visit Elkton, Maryland, do come visit!!

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