The Top Soul Food Restaurants in Chicago

As a little girl whose parent originated from the southern states of Louisiana and Mississippi, I was accustomed to eating flaky homemade biscuits, fulfilling Shrimp Gumbo, tasty Fried Chicken, with greens and the sugary Sweet Potato Yams. Although I haven’t had a chance to regularly dine on lots of these same meals as an adult, I have found some restaurants in the Chicago area that can fill my tastes just like I was a younger child. Near me there are several wonderful soul food restaurants in the greater Chicagoland area. Three places that I love are soulful restaurants that give great service, and are located near my community and I highly recommend these places to Chicagoans and visitors of this great city.

#3 Army & Lou’s
This wonderful soul food restaurant is located on Chicago’s south side on 75th street and in the heart of the community and been serving up great southern cuisine for over 60 years. With a great down to earth spirit, this restaurant caught the heart of former Mayor Harold Washington and has been a favorite for many Chicagoans as well. If you love food from the South, then the tasty Louisiana Gumbo might tantalize your tongue. As you dine on the gumbo, try a few of the hot homemade southern biscuits in the basket on your table, or the Army & Lou’s great fried chicken with southern flavored Greens on the side. Army and Lou’s restaurant is located at 422 E. 75th St., Chicago, Opened for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, the restaurant is open every day except Tuesdays. Call (773) 483-3100. for more information.

#2 B J’s Market
If it’s Fried Catfish that you love, then BJ’s is the place to get the tasty and fulfilling Mustard Catfish with Mustard Greens and sides orders of creamy potato salad. B J’s Market is relatively new in the Chicago area as of the last three years, but has locations in three locations around the Chicagoland area. I prefer the location on 8734 S. Stoney Island Avenue. What’s to love? The great fast, fresh service. How about the bright smile that greets your ordering. Or the wonderful sugary connoctions of Sweet Potato Pies or Homemade cakes that make your mouth melt? I like to say all three because I fell in love with BJ’s Mustard Catfish at the Taste of Chicago in 2004 and since then, have been going there to get my filling of southern food. Also, if you have a craving for Fried Green Tomatoes, this would be the place to fill that need. Call BJ’s Market at (773) 374-4700 to get store hours. Visa and all Major cards are accepted.

#1 Dixie Kitchen
Although this is not located near me in South Shore. Dixie Kitchen’s a wonderful addition to the Soul Food Restaurants in Chicago. Dixie Kitchen’s New Orleans influenced dÃ?©cor at the Hyde Park location is one that caught my attention when I first stepped into the restaurant. At this place, you will find personalized dining experience like no other. The warm Corn pancakes that you nibble on while looking over the menu will be your first culinary taste. Tasty barbeque, the best fried green tomatoes on this side of the earth, that literally melts in your mouth and other southern favorites await you at Dixie Kitchen. Leave the stuffy clothes at home as, you’ll be in a casual environment but don’t’ forget the credit cards for your meal. The cozy and quaint Hyde Park location is located at 5225 South Harper Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60615. Call 773-363-4943 to get more information.

Try any or all three. If you love southern food, then one of these three should fill your culinary bill.

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