The Treat’s Gotta Growl!

Dedicated To Sam Morgan of Ventura, Ca. who gave me the nic name of San Francisco Treat…
Treats gotta growl!!!
Got something stuck in her throat,
And she is on the prowl�
Her eyes are like the eyes of a restless lioness –
Looking lazy and uninterested, but don’t get too close,
Cuz the Treat’s gotta growl!
There’s something heavy in her chest,
And her stomach feels like it tied in knots,
Did you think she would not notice,
Did you think she would not care?
Ah come on now, you dug her,
Cuz you thought she was sooo smart,
Now you hate that she catches your every move,
Like some small worthless rat in a cage.
You are from the past and if I were you,
I’d get back there fast as fast,
Cuz Treat’s about to raise up off her haunches-
And take you down with her sharpened claws-
And tear apart your lies, her hurts, and all of that, without a pause.
Life is restless tonight in our part of the jungle,
Cuz the Treat’s got a thorn in her paw and she’s on the prowl!

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