The Ultimate April Fools to Play on Your Boss

So you struggle into work at 8:00 am, grumbling to yourself, because your sincerely cruel boss asked everyone to work half a day on Saturday. You plop down at your desk, turn the computer on, and squint at the overly bright screen to see the date. You rub your eyes to make sure you are seeing this correctly; after all, you did have a late night out last night. Lucky you, it is April Fools! What a perfect excuse to get back at your boss for all those crappy work days this year!

You quickly get started on your planning before your boss gets to work. You begin to turn all the clocks in the office an hour and a half ahead. As you do this, you plan exactly what you are going to say to your boss when he gets there. You practice making a frantic face, as you work up a story to really get him. When your boss gets in, you prepare to ask him where in the hell he has been for the past hour and a half; you have been looking everywhere for him. Someone has broken into the office last night, and stole several thousands of dollars worth of equipment from the office. You called the police and had to call your bosses’ supervisor to help you file a police report. When he says that he is on time, frantically point to the clocks. He will be so dumbfounded, that he will not think to check the time.

Then you decide to hide the copier, several computers, and some other valuables in the janitor’s closet. Knock a few office supplies over on top of his desk. Turn his $300.00 leather chair over on its side. Really get into this! It has to look legit to make the boss believe you right!?! How often can you make a mess at work and get away with it?

Next you go onto the Internet, and print out an add for the most expensive car that you can find. Even though your boss makes three times as much as you do, he could never afford this kind of car. Place it in plain sight of everyone on your desk. You chuckle to yourself, because you know your boss will ask you about it, and you are going to nonchalantly answer that you are thinking about buying a new car. His supervisor informed you this morning that you are going to get a raise since you handled the situation this morning so well.

Now for the big finale!!! You prepare a big speech of how you need to train with your boss over the next week. His supervisor told you to learn everything that he knows incase some other catastrophe comes up and you need to handle it. Really act like you need to learn his job as if you may be replacing him. He will put everything together and panic by the time you act out your entire scheme! By this point, you are beaming with excitement! It is a shame that every day cannot be this great! Now all you need is the star of the show!

While you wait, you decide to check your email. You know everyone in the company will be talking about this for at least two more years! You have really out done yourself on this one! You open your outlook to see what emails you missed after you snuck out at 4:30 yesterday after the boss left. You see that you missed a company memo sent out from your boss at 4:55 pm. Your headache from earlier this morning just returned. The joke is on you! The email reads, “April Fools everyone! You really don’t have to work tomorrow! Have a safe weekend!” Time for you to get out the broom and trashcan to clean up your mess…without pay!

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