The Vornado Vortex Heater 2 Fan: My Review

We were at our daughter’s and son-in-law’s and were cold. They took out the Vornado Vortex Heater 2 which Rob keeps in his large office at home. It was wonderful. Bill Phillips is the President and CEO of Vornado Air. This company has been in business for around 60 years and got its name from a combination of the words vortex and tornado.

The Vornado Vortex Heater 2, which gives whole room circulation, is a small, compact electric heater with many great features. I felt warm almost immediately. What I noted was that I didn’t have to be on top of it to feel the heat. I could be as much as 6 feet away give or take. We have a couple of Polonis fans at home and they really have to be fairly close to feel the heat or they have to be in a small area. The Vortex “produces a tornado-like “beam” of air that projects across the room and forces air to return around the perimeter of the room to be recirculated.” What I got was great circulation of heat all through the room. We moved it from the office to the large living room.

You’ll get a one-year warranty. The measurements are about 12″ at its tallest; 11″ at its widest and 8″ at its deepest making it compact.

It comes in black and ivory. This was the ivory colored one which blends in I think much nicely with home decor unless you have a black and white room.

The controls on the top of the fan include the fan mode which in the auto position will cycle the fan on and off. If I had the fan on high it ran without stopping. There is a heat knob which puts out 1500 watts on high and 750 watts on low. It has another knob which is the thermostat that allowed me to put the level of heat I wanted from 1 to 5. There is a power button as well on the top where the controls are places. It has automatic tip over protection. The Vortex will shut off automatically if it tips either forward or backward.

If the airflow becomes blocked by something such as a curtain or a blanket the automatic safety shut off system cuts power to the heat element to stop the machine from overheating. It won’t overheat. It has a manual reset and a thermostat breaker and an amazing back up fuse. The heating element doesn’t give off any glow which makes it safe and more durable.

I touched the plastic casing many times. The case and grill were cool. We put the heater on a table; plugged it in, turned the power to on and set the thermostat to 6. At some point when I felt the room warm enough I turned the knob until the heat cycled off. Then it just cycled on and off to the level that I told the heater was my comfort level. It has air inlets on both sides so the heater can be put on a table that’s close to the wall. Many heaters you can’t put as close to walls.

This is a great fan. You’ll pay in the $60.00 ranget but it’s worth it I think.

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