Key Questions to Ask Before Renting a Property

Everyone that has ever moved knows how much work it can be. The packing and moving seems like such a daunting task on its own but then you also have to figure out what your price range is for your new place, find places that you like, do walk-throughs, fill out applications and sign all the paperwork. In the midst of all of this it can be easy to forget some of the key questions to ask the realtors, managers or owners. The answers to these questions could keep you from making a mistake and not knowing these answers could keep you from enjoying your new home.

When taking into consideration your budget, a lot of people don’t take into consideration the fact that they might have to pay for additional things like trash, water and sewage. If these things are not considered or included in the rent, you could very well end up over budget which could create money hardships for you during the time you rent your new home.

Another major question is to ask about rent increases. A lot of people and companies renting their properties have set rent increases these days. This mean that your rent is scheduled to go up a certain amount over a set period of time. If you are renting a place at the top of your budget, this could create problems for you down the road. It also might be something that you don’t see as fair and knowing this before you go through with the rental agreement could keep you from an argument.

If you have pets or you are a smoker, it is also important to ask if they are allowed. Not all rentals that don’t allow pets or smokers will list this and knowing this could prevent you from having all your hard work lost. If they do accept pets or allow smoking, it is also important to find out the restrictions. A lot of places require an extra deposit for pets, a pet rent, or want you to only smoke in certain areas.

Lastly, remember to ask about lease agreements. This applies particularly to house rentals. If you are looking for a more long term rental and the house is only meant to be renter for a couple of months, this can come as a big surprise when you get your notice to move. Likewise if you are looking for a shorter term rental and the person renting to you is expecting a long term renter, this could lead to a bad rental reference which won’t help you out when you are looking for another place

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