Theft Prevention: Keep Your Car and Your Belongings

Your car may be one of your most useful, and most prized, possessions. Unless you have a garage, your car is out in the open no matter where you go, and you can’t keep an eye on it at all times. It simply is not practical. Other than hiring someone to sit in your car twenty-four hours a day, you have to take some measures to protect your car, and the stuff you have inside.

Lock It

Sounds simple enough, yet many people won’t do it. Many cars are stolen because the owner has made it easy for the thief by leaving it unlocked. I’ve had many things missing out of my car, simply because my husband refuses to lock the door. We live in a small, rather safe community and he refuses to believe anyone here would be motivated to steal our car or the items contained within. Tell that to whomever is now the proud owner of my CD player.

For your own safety, as well as car theft prevention, keep the doors locked at all times, even when you are in it. If you are running inside your home or the store for ‘just a moment’, make sure you lock up. It doesn’t take long for someone to drive away with your car.

You also have no idea how long ‘just a moment’ will turn out to be. Even if a thief doesn’t have time to steal your car, they can make off with your CD collection or the digital camera you left laying on the backseat.

Keep Valuables Hidden

One key tip for car theft prevention is you should not leave anything of any value lying around in your car. If you must leave it in the car, use the trunk. Even if your door is locked, there is nothing stopping someone who wants your valuable item from smashing the window, grabbing the item, and running. Remember your title is valuable too. Keep it in your home, and not in your car.

Alarm System

Another important tool for car theft prevention is an alarm system. Even more importantly, use it.

The Club

It may take a few minutes from your day to put an anti-steering device on your steering wheel, but do it anyway. Most thieves will move on if they see one, leaving your car behind for one that is easier to steal. There are also anti-theft devices for your gearshift, your hood, tires, and your gas and brake pedals that aid in car theft prevention.

Mind Where You Park

If you park on the street, make sure you can easily see your car through your windows. If you are parking in town, a parking garage is a better bet, but try to park near a busy area. Always park in an open area with plenty of foot traffic. These will lower the chances of someone taking your car. Thieves will opt for the cars parked where they can break in relatively unseen.


You can get a tracking device installed in your vehicle that will trace its whereabouts in the case of theft. This is one of the newest and most useful innovations in car theft prevention.

Final Thoughts

No car is immune to theft. You may think any older, beat-up car is safe, but it isn’t. Even one part sold is profit to a thief. Good car theft prevention begins with keeping your car and your belongings safe by using anti-theft devices and watching where you decide to leave your car. Remember, a thief will move on if they think stealing yours will be too complicated, so use more than one device.

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