They Call Her Awesome Amy: Front Desk Clerk

Everyone loves an out of this world experience when traveling outside of their hometown on vacation. That is what I, awesome Amy as they call me, provide every time a potential customer walks through my door at the hotel. Here are five life lessons I have learned since being in the tourism and hospitality industry for the last thirteen years.


It’s always been said that a smile can go a long way. This couldn’t be truer when working in customer service. No matter if the person is traveling on business or for leisure, they want to see a smiling face greet them upon entry in a hotel. A sour face can only lessen the likelihood that they will return again.


Finding a way to lighten the mood from tense or awkward, to a bit more casual, is to find humor in the little things. I strive to have every single person I encounter feel as though they are a member of my extended family before they leave the front desk. Guests have said I have a cheesy way of making them feel at home.

Negotiation skills

Money, in this day and age, is very tight for a lot of people. Being able to negotiate and still know how to up sell is crucial in this business. Selling for a higher rate helps business, but one thing I learned is if you work the rate one time with a guest, they will be back a second time because of the full experience they had that one particular time you empathized with them.

Learn from your mistakes

Take the criticism you may receive and build on it. No one is ever truly done learning in any career path they work in. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, either. This is how everyone learns. We aren’t just born geniuses in the fields we work in.

You can’t please everyone

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t make the sale. That is okay. If you try to make every single person happy, you will burn out quickly. It used to drive me to the brink of insanity when I couldn’t get the sale. It doesn’t now. I know now that I tried my best and when the next one comes along, I try a new tactic. I’m not a quitter. I won’t give up on myself. Neither should you!

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