This Week’s Weirdest Technology: CoolerGadgets Offers Beer Bottle Opener Hats, BottleIt and BevNeck

Well, I suppose that football season coming might be prompting my latest interest in strange technology. The entire game – great American pasttime notwithstanding – seems overly testosterone laden for my tastes. I did sit through two Superbowl games, both times the Broncos won. I must admit, though, that the first time it was only to see the BudweiserÃ?® frogs get blown up by the jealous little lizards.

Right, so you get the idea. It seems to me that strange technology and football season go hand-in-hand – the free hand, the one not holding your cool beer. If you’re a football fan, don’t let my lack of football knowledge let you down … I do have some stuff to show you that will either make you chuckle or run out to buy one.

And to get this out of the way … everything I’ve run across for this week’s Weirdest Technology is available on one single website … These guys have the market cornered in really strange stuff to enhance your, erm, drinking pleasure.

First up is the beer opening hat. No one wants their bottle opener to get lost in the midst of all the whooping and hollering while they cheer their favorite team on – and every guy just has to own a cap, right? So the geniuses at CoolerGadgets have come up with a solution that pairs your favorite baseball cap and a bottle opener into one package.

The OpenerHatâÂ?¢ has a slick silver bottle opener built right into the brim of your favorite hat – complete with one-size-fits all velcro closures. It comes in black or tan and features the Coors LightÃ?® Logo and Football shaped opener, or Black or Navy blue CORONAÃ?® with choice of Football, Soccer Ball, Basketball, Baseball, Golf Ball or Corona Extra logo printed Opener.

Could a hat be any cooler? Apparently so. You can order groups of 24 or more to get your own customized hats, making a perfect gift to your fantasy football buddies or that group of friends who rarely root for the same team but have to watch the game together anyways. And if you’re not convinced that this strange technology is one of the coolest things to happen to beer since beer was bottled, you can always watch CoolerGadgets’ demo video to convince yourself. Every product they offer has an accompanying demo video that you can watch online and stream glorious weird knowledge.

So you’ve got a great cap to shield the sun from your eyes, ensuring that you never miss a single play, and a bottle opener for the beer you’re happily sipping away at. Now, where are you supposed to put the bottle? CoolerGadgets has that well in hand too. Their CanNeck will give you a hands-free solution.

Seriously, this is one of those products that you look at and go, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”. The CanNeck is basically a universally sized insulated jacket that will hold cans, bottles, and glasses that is attached to a neck strap that you can wear from your neck, shoulder, or waist. Your bottle of beer is kept cold and your hands are free for rooting and cursing.

What if you don’t have bottles to match all this beer-bottle madness? You only have beer cans and don’t feel like wearing your beer when you jump up from your seet and the CanNeck goes bouncing with you? Never fear, BottleItÃ?® is here!

The BottleItÃ?® is one of the silliest pieces of technology CoolerGadgets offers – but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. What it does is transforms your regular soda or beer can into a bottle just by snapping on the specially designed top. You can choose from a variety of colors including silver, blue, red, green, or clear and have something to pop into your CanNeck.

Besides, when you can put a lid on it, CoolerGadgets has the most convincing sales pitch yet … the BottleItÃ?® keeps bees out.

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