Three Bartending Schools in Cincinnati, Ohio

Finding a bartending school in Cincinnati, Ohio is no problem at all. Cincinnati is one city where bartending is a truly thriving and lucrative career choice. Few larger cities could rival the alcohol consumption of this slightly Northern, slightly Mid Western city of beer drinkers. If you are interested in a career as a bartender attending a bartending school is a great way to learn the trade quickly. Classes at a reputable school are usually hands on, focused, and geared to get you in to learn and out on your way to a job.

Professional Bartending School is a great local source for learning the business of bartending in Cincinnati. The instructors here take their job seriously. Each has had experience as a bartender out in the real world. Some even still work as bartenders. Classes are interactive, instructional, and most importantly hands on. Students learn what glasses to serve particular beers in, as well as wines and liquors. The facilities at Professional Bartending School are some of the best in the area. They offer a full size functioning bar on their facilities. Students are able to practice what they learn. This helps build confidence and experience. Professional Bartending School is located at 1686 Blue Rock Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45223. They can be reached at (513) 541-3555.

ABC Bartending is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, 45201. They are well known chain of nationally located bartending schools throughout the United States. Classes are pretty standard at each location. The art of teaching bartending has been made into a science. The reputation at ABC Bartending is top notch. There is no need to worry about not getting your money’s worth or being left to your own devices with an instruction book and some free time. Classes are taught by qualified instructors who actually care that you learn what you need to know. They also offer a great resource for job placement in the area. Almost 90% of their students have successfully found a job in the bartending field. ABC Bartending is licensed with the state of Ohio and offers variety of courses aimed at educating you in the entire bartending field. They can be reached at (88) 202-5824.

Bartending School Professional is located at 411 Woodman Drive, Dayton, Ohio, 45431. Dayton is about thirty minutes North of Cincinnati. This is a great alternative if you find that class sizes are just too big in Cincinnati. Class sizes are smaller in the Dayton area due to the smaller population of the area. Classes can sometimes be less expensive, but the cost of gas will quickly even that out. Bartending School Professional offers a variety of interactive classes, alcohol awareness training, and educational courses on the history of different beverages. Students learn how to mix hundreds of traditional and basics drinks. They are also taught the latest and trendiest drinks that are popular today. This variety of educational classes can prepare you for an established bar with a mature clientele or even the happening hot spot with the twenty and thirty something’s in the Cincinnati area. Bartending School Professional can be reached at (937) 254-8000.


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