Book Review: S.L. Bradish’s Practice Makes Perfect: Mystery Writer Gives Insight

A cold, dark, and stormy night as the wind whips and the thunder roars most of us would love to grab a good book and curl up by the fire. A lot of us I know would love nothing more than a good mystery combined with the sounds of nature’s fury, the safety of your own home, and the spine tingling tales of a great author.

Book Review: Getting to Know the Series
The Libra Station series was intended to depict life and death in a small town NV. The characters are as real as your next door neighbors. Frank and Sally Cooper are the perfect mortician and his wife, involved in everyone in the seven stories.

In the first book of the series, “Practice Makes Perfect” we meet Frank and Sally for the first time as their secretary Connie, learns that she has a fatal illness. Connie’s aunt Minnie is determined to possess Connie’s home and belongings when she dies. With a little help from attorney Bill Horne, Connie and her employers discover the sinister truth behind Minnie’s determination.

Book Review: Getting to Know the Author

“Because I lived in a small town in NV and I could think of a million possibilities to happen in a small community is what brought these stories to life. As far as characters, the good guys are real people, my villains are all totally fictional, the only completely on going characters are Frank and Sally Cooper, they are in every book.

I pull in people I know and situations that seem interesting out of my head. I add and lose characters as the stories require. I really get involved with the charactersâÂ?¦and I don’t mean like usual writers. The way I define my stories’ plot and the people in them is unique in its own rite. You never quite know what quite to expect from my characters as they grow with every book.”

“Because the intensity of Murder mysteries lends itself well to defining the characters and the stories seem to tell themselves when the characters come into playâÂ?¦however, my books are not in anyway “predictable” you can always count on something coming to light that you never would have expected. I was a fan of the greats, like Agatha Christy and Ellery Queen so my style is not only original, but lightly touched by those that lived before me.”

Book Review: Synopsis
Connie Bascomb has been told that she has a brain aneurism and all most no time left. She works for a funeral home and makes all of her arrangements with her employer. Connie’s aunt Minnie and aunt Minnie’s preacher, Rev. Proctor seem to be determined to take everything Connie owns the minute she dies.

Horrified that her conniving aunt might take her treasured family home, Connie tries everything to stop her, including using the services of the funeral home attorney Bill Horne. With her employers Frank and Sally Cooper and Bill Horne, Connie has to find out what her aunt really wants, prevent her from getting it, and survive long enough to find a new heir.

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