Three Fantastic Ways to Organize and Store Carryout Restaurant Menus

Carryout restaurant menus can clutter up counters and junk drawers very quickly, especially when regularly ordering food and trying new eateries. They can also end up lost or destroyed, especially if they are not stored in a neat and organized way. It is possible to keep them neatly and systematically stored, and without taking up valuable drawer space. Use one of the following three ways to save them, and find your takeout selections in a matter of minutes. You can also save a considerable amount of money when planning ahead.

Make an Alphabetized Menu Binder

If your collection of carryout restaurant menus are cluttered, do something about it. People sell menu organizers online and at craft shows, but you can easily make one for a whole lot less. Buy a three-ring binder along with pocket folders. Add stick-on tabs from A to Z. If desired, decorate the front of the binder with peel and stick letters and appliques. They will not become wrinkled or torn, and you will know just where to find the one that you want.

Hang a Stylish Woven Wall Pocket Organizer in a Kitchen or Living Room

Wall pocket organizers are most often used to hold mail, but they are also ideal for storing carryout menus. To keep them all together, punch a hole in the corner of each one. Keep them on a loose-leaf ring. Use one of the other pockets to hold and save restaurant coupons. Another one can be used for outgoing mail, bills or other papers or pamphlets that you want to store in a neat and organized way.

Use a Plastic File Folder with Multiple Pockets and Tabs

If you do not want your carryout menus on display and still plan on keeping them in a drawer, consider using a plastic file folder. They include tabs for labeling the sections, and they are equipped with elastic band closures. If you have an extra pocket, use it to hold restaurant coupons. Be sure to clearly label that section as a reminder to check for special deals.

Carryout Menu Tips

Just as coupons expire, menus become outdated. New items are regularly added and excluded. The prices will also change, and not usually for the better. When picking up your carryout food, ask for a current menu. Compare it to the old one, and make updates as necessary. Otherwise, you might be taken by surprise the next time that you go to pay for an order.

Source: Professional Home Decorating and Organizing Experience

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