Three Must-Have Saws for Trim Work

When you’re looking for the perfect saw, nothing beats the cutting strength and versatility of a circular saw. While a circular saw works exceptionally well for some woodworking projects, they just don’t have the full range of cutting power that’s required for most trim projects. You need specialized cutting materials if you want to get the job done right. Use this guide to trim saws and get the most out of your next woodworking or trim project.

Miter Saw

Nothing is better for cutting trim than a miter saw. While these powerful cutting tools are a necessity for even the most basic of woodworking projects, they can be a costly investment. Purchasing this must-have trim saw can cost you a pretty penny but it’s well worth the investment. These saws can cut nearly any piece of trim to any degree or angle required by any corner or edge.

Miter Saw Buying Guide- When you’re looking for a miter saw, it’s a good idea to buy a saw that has a high fence and large open face. This will allow you to cut larger pieces of stock flat against the fence instead of lying on the table. The larger the face, the easier it makes cutting angles on big pieces of stock.

Coping Saw

When inside corners become difficult to cut at the perfect 45 degree angle because the true corner of the room is way off from true, a coping saw is the only tool to eliminate the struggle of making repeated cuts to find the right angle. By coping the inside of the cut, you can trace the face of the trim making a perfect 45 degree angle no matter what the true corner really is.

Coping Saw Buying Guide- An ergonomic handle is the only way to go for these commonly used trim saws. A low profile design also allows you to use it as an undercut saw for existing trim.

Table Saw

When ripping pieces of trim, nothing can out do a table saw for speed and efficiency. And because many pieces of trim are very long and difficult to cut using a circular saw, a table saw makes quick work of even the longest of baseboard or other trim materials. Throw in a stacked dado saw blade and you’ve got a powerful and versatile saw that can handle any difficult woodworking project you can throw at it.

Table Saw Buying Guide- Look for a table saw that has a ratcheting table fence. This will allow you ultimate precision when making any difficult rips or cuts.

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