Three Sheets 2 the Wind Bedding Review

Bedding is an important part of the overall decorating concept of the home. Three Sheets 2 the Wind Bedding is a luxury line of bedding uniquely designed for lovers of luxury bedding and a true luxury home item to own. The handmade bedding items are created in Cincinnati, Ohio and are created in such a way that they are true art. Three Sheets 2 the Wind have created fine white bedding accented with original artwork made from water-based ink which is then screen printed onto the bedding.

There is something about fine bedding that creates not only feelings of luxury but also peace, relaxation and serenity in one’s bedroom area. Having good sheets and bedding is a major part of this concept. One of the features that make Three Sheets 2 the Wind Bedding is the use of 340-thread-count white cotton batiste. The higher the thread count the softer and silkier the sheets are. Add to this combination crisp white linen with incredibly beautiful artwork. Generally speaking the higher the thread count, the higher the price however bedding is an investment in one’s rest and what better way to enjoy rest than with beautifully designed soft sheets?

The very modern and very minimalist designs of the artwork that is screen printed upon Three Sheets 2 the Wind Bedding creates a unique look of its own. Each print is uniquely printed and placed upon the sheet at an artist’s studio, which makes it a very personal item made with personal care. Prints design patterns are influenced by organic designs from nature or from early to mid-twentieth century influences. There are several designs available, which are offered in a range of neutral colors from moss green, marigold, walnut brown, black, to russet. Other design options include using a single design and color for those that truly choose minimalism in their design palette. Though different pattern designs are introduced annually, most designs can be mixed.

In addition to the fine selection of bedding created by Three Sheets 2 the Wind Bedding, the line of products also includes uniquely designed pillow covers, throws and wall prints one can use to decorate the home with as accent items.

Three Sheets 2 the Wind Bedding can be purchased from a wide range of retailers. For more information on Three Sheets 2 the Wind Bedding, prices and for retailers in the local area visit the official Web site today.

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