Thrifty Ways to Reuse Egg Cartons Throughout the Year

If your family eats eggs as often as my family then you are likely overloaded with used egg cartons that often just get discarded into the trash. Why throw them away when there are so many uses around the home for these handy little egg cartons? From storage, to gardening, to crafts for kids there are hundreds of thrifty ways that egg cartons can be reused around the house throughout the year. Stop throwing egg cartons away and find some useful ways to reuse them!

Reuse Egg Cartons for Storage: From jewelry, to screws and nails, to money, there are hundreds of ways that egg cartons can be used around the home just for storage purposes. Try storing your change in the cartons. The small dwells in each carton allow you to organize your change so that you have no trouble rolling it up to take to the bank later on.

Have you kids decorate one of the egg cartons and then you can use it as a jewelry box. The little egg holder sections of the egg carton makes it the perfect place to store earrings, rings, and other small jewelry items. You can even place necklaces inside each little spot and they will never get tangled up with each other.

Keep a stack of the old egg cartons out in the garage or by the workbench for storage purposes. You can use the egg cartons to store different size screws, nuts, bolts, washers, and all sorts of other small hardware items. Label the egg cartons on the outer edge so that you can stack them on a shelf and still know what’s inside each one. This could save you hours when you go looking for that perfect fitting screw or bolt for your next home improvement project.

Storing desktop items is another great way to reuse egg cartons. If your desk is like mine, it is likely covered with all sorts of small items such as paper clips, thumb tacks, erasers, rubber bands, and miscellaneous items that I cannot even explain. If it’s small enough to fit in the egg carton, why not place it there to rid the desk of clutter. A nice little storage box looks way better than a clutter of mess that you can’t even explain!

Reuse Egg Cartons for Gardening: The garden is all about reusing items and new growth. Take a handful of those old egg cartons out to the gardening shed for reuse. They are absolutely wonderful to plant seedlings in or to germinate new seeds. Once the seeds have sprouted you can transfer them into their rightful spot in the garden.

Egg cartons can also be used in the gardening shed for storage or organization. If you gather lots of seeds from your plants throughout the year you can store them in the egg cartons for use the following season. Just like with the nuts and bolts in the garage, the seeds can be placed in the container and labeled for use later on.

Reuse Egg Cartons for Crafts for Kids: Egg cartons are great for doing crafts with kids. They can be used to dry the Easter eggs after you color them. The cardboard egg cartons are best for this as the eggs will actually dry in the cardboard rather than hold the moisture like they do in the Styrofoam egg cartons.

If you have a few children that are taking part in a craft project, you can give them each an egg carton that holds their small project accessories such as beads, yarns, and any other small items. This way there is no fight over who is going to use what and when…give them each their own little egg carton tool box to get started with.

Egg cartons work excellent for tempera paint projects with the kids. Fill each little cup with a different color and leave a few cups empty for mixing colors. The kids will love doing a paint project, and you will love the ease of cleaning up…just close the egg cartons up and throw them away when your done!

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