Tidy Cats Scoop Crystal Blend Litter Erases Cat Pan Odors

In the never ending battle to provide a happy solution to keep my house smelling fresh and my cats comfortable, I recently came across Tidy Cats’ Scoop Crystal Blend for Multiple cats litter. I’ve used several types of litter with out much success in keeping the litter pan scent at bay. Pure clay litter doesn’t control odor or moisture and requires a lot up keeping, but the cats seem to like it. Pure silicone crystals provided superior odor control, but did not provide the comfort my cats need: They sought other places to do their business. When I seen this blended formula, I had to try it.

The Tidy Cats Scoop Crystal Blend cat litter is blend of low dust crumble free litter with little blue dehydrating crystals that absorbs moisture. It combines the clay litter that cats prefer with the odor controlling crystals that we humans love. I was very hopeful this was the cat litter solution I was looking for.

As soon as I changed the litter pans and used the product, I knew I made a great decision. The texture is perfect. The clay and the crystals are smooth and rounded and it feels like large grains of sand instead of the prickly non-premium brands I had been using before. My two resident cats agreed. Pumpkin and Liquorish quickly gave their approval. No longer did my cats kick the litter out of the pan in protest. As a matter of fact, Tidy Cats Crystal Blend tends to have less out of litter box tracking then the previous brands I used.

When it came time to for the daily litter pan scooping, I soon discovered that the clumps were easily taken out and deposed of. They didn’t fall apart while trying to scoop. It didn’t smell bad either. There were no puddles of wet smelly stuff in the pans at all. I also did not have to change the litter out completely ever other day, as I was typically doing before I made the switch. I could simple remove the clumps and replenish daily with Tidy Cats’ Crystal Blend. It was quite amazing. You can stand next to the pan and not even notice it there by scent! Finally, I found a cat litter that delivers true odor control and performance that my cats love.

Here’s how it works its magic. The small blue silica gel crystals quickly absorbs liquid and traps the odors inside while the special clay graduates treated with a patent antimicrobial agent help stop the growth of odor causing bacteria. The litter quickly absorbs and forms your cat’s waste into scoop-able clumps that can be removed easily. Its low dust formula and rounded graduates limits the amount of litter that ends up scattered on the floor. It’s low maintenance. You just remove the clumps daily and replenish with fresh Tidy Cats Crystal Blend.

Thanks to Tidy Cats, the first thing you notice in my house isn’t the aroma of cat pan. This is truly the best advancement in cat litter in years and I will never have to look for another brand again. It is the perfect for my family. It keeps my cats healthy and my house smelling fresh.

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