How to Feed Pheasants in Winter

Pheasant is a beautiful bird and people who love birds always want to attract pheasants to their lawn or yard. In winter season, the pheasants usually find shelter where they could escape from the intensity of weather. They come out from their undercover places for finding food in winter and usually spend most of their time at places where the intensity of weather does not affect them. Many people raise pheasants at home and provide them food and safety in winter. You can take guidance from this article to learn how to feed pheasants in winter.


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    First of all, you should get as much information about pheasants as possible. It will help you to know their habits and also the food they like to eat.

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    Usually adults and newly born pheasants differ in having food. The newly born pheasants survive on just worms or small insects for at least 3 to 4 weeks while the adults eat everything including grain, barley, peas, oats, berries, corn, buds, buckwheat, apples, seeds, pears and green sprouts of plants.

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    Pheasants also love to have gravel that makes their digesting process fast. It enables them to digest everything that they take.

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    Make sure you provide worms and other insects, which are available at a pet store, to the newly born pheasants because they will not eat anything else for the first 3 to 4 weeks of their life.

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    Spread the grains or other things that pheasants love to eat. Make sure you spread these items on the ground of your yard or in a bowl if you have kept the pheasants in a cage.

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    Try to provide enough food that is sufficient for many pheasants because it will help them to eat comfortably without fighting with each other.

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    If you are living near woods and know that pheasants are living near to your home then you should start attracting them by spreading grains, corn and other relevant items in your yard.

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    Spreading food items in your yard will attract pheasants and they will start visiting your place on a regular basis because they find it difficult to get food in winter.

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    However, make sure you giving food on a regular basis because it will help pheasants to stay healthy and survive in the intense weather of winter.

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