Tips for Every College Freshman at Binghamton University

Binghamton University is a great place to spend 4 of the best years of your life and your college career. However there are certain things that all Freshman students should know about Binghamton Univeristy. Here are some helpful tips coming from a curent Binghamton University student.

First of all when applying to Binghamton Univeristy always apply using thier special early action deadline. Early Action is non binding which means that even if you get accepted in Binghamton University you are not obligated to attend. Early Action allows you to find out if you got accepted in advance before you hear from other colleges or universities that you applied for.

Also another great tip: Register for Housing early and make sure you register for Mountainview Community Housing. The Mountainview community has the nicest suites that fit 6 people and you can sign up to room with one of your friends. These suites are the biggest and nicest and were the most recently built. These suites were built in 2002 while the other community dorm rooms were built in the 1970s and 1980s and badly need repairs. The other dorm communities are old looking and the rooms are small and the wall paper is peeling.

I also recommend you choosing suite style housing over corridor housing becuase if you pick corridor housing which is you living with one other person in a single room on a floor with other random people, you might hate the people on your floor and you could be charged with damaged or broken items that you can nothing to do with. For example I had corridor style housing this past year I was really annoyed when I got billed for $80 to fix a bathroom stall that someone of my hall floor broke. Suites also have their own living room and two big closets. In addition for 6 people they have 2 bathrooms, sinks and showers which is great. If you live on a corridor floor you have to share 2 toilets, sinks, and showers with 20 other people with is awful.

Another helpful tip that all freshman should know is to research and look up every class you are interested in taking and cross reference the professor on This site has every university in the nation and you can go to the section on Binghamton University and look up each professor who teaches at the university. The site tells you how hard or easy they are in terms of grades and how helpful they are? Do they give big curves on exams? Do they stay after class to help students. The site also gives comments of past students who have taken the class and their thoughts and reactions to the professor and class Did they enjoy the class? Did they hate it? Did they learn anything? Is attendance mandatory? These are all questions that are helpful in knowing before you register to take the class.

Another helpful tip for incoming freshman to know is research clubs, fraternities/sororities and organizations that Binghamton University has to offer. Make a list of everything and anything that you would consider or have interest in joining. That way when the school newsletter email comes out each day you can check for the general interest meetings of each group. The general interest meetings tell you a lot about each group and will help you greatly decide if you are interest in joining it by meeting the leaders of the group and the activities that they engage in.

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