Tips for Those Who Roll Their Own Cigarettes

I have been a roller now for a long time and I save money each week by doing it. Here are some of the little tips I have picked up along the way. I hope that these will help you save money on your cigarettes.

If I am going out for the day, I will roll a pack of cigarettes to take with me. I store rolled cigarettes in a sturdy cigarette holder I bought at the smoke shop a few years ago. If I loose it for a while, I go ahead and take an empty pack of my daughters store bought cigarettes and use it. There is nothing worse then having to pay five dollars for a pack of stale cigarettes just because you feel the need for a cigarette and have none of your own.

At home, I roll them as needed. I keep a small divided plastic container with a top on hand, near me. In one section, I place some tobacco, and in the other ones, I place the tubes, the lighter, and the roller. This container is handy if I do not have time to roll before I leave the house, I can just toss supplies in it and go.

If you get a big bag or container of tobacco, put half of it in the freezer so it does not go stale on you. Nothing is worse then having to use stale tobacco; it would be like smoking a pack of pre rolled cigarettes.

If you prefer to smoke light menthol cigarette as I sometimes do it is easy to mix the flavors of tobacco in a roller, a few pinches of both types will do the trick. You can mix full flavor tobacco and the light tobacco in the roller to produce a medium flavored cigarette. Just use your own imagination here folks.

If you are into the specialty bland cigarettes that are popular in some areas, but find them a bit strong, you can minimize the flavor of them. Simply buy a pack of them, rip them open, place the loose tobacco in a container, and mix it with some of your loose-leaf tobacco. Go ahead and roll your own milder cigarettes. Store the excess in a bag in the freezer. Using your imagination is good for you.

The tubes will crush easily, but do not throw them all out if they are crushed. Most will still work with your roller. After a while, you will be able to tell at a glance, which ones can be saved and which need to be thrown out.

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