Tips on Applying to Graduate School

Graduate school degrees offers, better job prospects and high salaries. Absolutely early preparation for applying to any graduate school is essential. Preferable the student will have clear idea, to attend a graduate school on the first day of college or no later than, a full year before attending a graduate school. Become knowledgeable of the requirements or all qualification each graduate school requires for their application.

Most important qualifications for graduate school: Having a minimum grade point average (usually 3.0 or better), and minimum number of letters of recommendations from professors and any employees. A student that decides to go to graduate school in the later years of college, may not have the required grade point average, and not have shown extra comprehensive abilities or academic recognition to receive any letters of recommendations. Also, any letters of recommendations from a previous employer would be helpful, recognizing any achievements, besides academic work.

Other important tips applying to graduate school:

Always apply to many graduate schools, and not limit yourself to only one, unless there is no other choice.
Request by mail, phone or E-mail an application to many graduate schools. Along with this request, you can inquiry information for any financial aid, information on grants and fellowship programs.

Carefully consider the application you are requesting, is the field of study you want to achieve.
Carefully examine your college transcripts are current, and have the necessary information requested for a graduate school application. Pay any fees immediate to have transcripts send by mail to your choice of graduate schools. Contact each graduate school to confirm receiving your transcript.

Provide the exact amount necessary for the application fee.
Make sure application arrives before the deadline, preferable send certified mail, and request return receipt.
One – Half of applicants apply during the last month before deadlines. Submitting an early application can provide a slight edge against other applicants.

Include in the application any achievements or rewards earned, during previous academic studies and / or awards given to any volunteer work.
Many graduate schools will recruit minority students.
Keep a record of all send applications and copy all materials send with each application.
When requesting recommendations from professors and / or employees, consider those individuals will likely provide favorable comments. Make sure there is sufficient time for a letter of recommendation to be prepared, and never place any time constraint upon any person.

Also, include any non – academic recommendation letters, for volunteer and / or leadership experience. Never submit letters of recommendations from relatives or friends. Upon accepting any letters of recommendation, gracefully provide thanks. Inform anyone that provides a letter of recommendation that a follow – up phone call, may confirm the contents of the letter. Sometimes recommendation forms will be including in a graduate school application package. These forms should be copied, and send to the appropriate individuals. Never open a sealed recommendation letter that is addressed to a graduate school.

Official standardized test scores must be send directly from the Educational Testing Services to the graduate schools, where application are submitted. Make sure the examination results will be provided in sufficient time, before any expiration date of applications.

An essay or personal statement often included in the application. The essay should first outline the goals, interest, experiences, what you will contribute to the field of study, provide short sentences, persuasive presentation of your personal story, demonstrate some knowledge of interest, use active verbs, and reason for acceptance to a graduate program. Also, preferably include what you learned, was most interesting about the graduate school upon a recent visit., and provide editing and help applicants, write essays for graduate schools. Start early writing the essay, make revisions as necessary through the process, and have someone review the statement.

Carefully examine for spelling mistakes and proper grammar, which can be done by Microsoft Word or similar software programs.

Find a mentor at your University or College that has experience, helping students apply to graduate schools. A mentor may have contacts with graduate schools, which can help you with your application process.
Always place Social Security number on every document and any forms of application.

Attending a Graduate School Fair is excellent way to present yourself, and get reliable contacts that will provide knowledgeable information help you get accepted. That is a good time to ask any questions, take home any literature, and applications.

Prepare yourself for any questions from the admissions representatives or committee. Always dress appropriately, answer questions honestly, be prepared to discuss other matters not related to your academic background, and be on time for the interview. Remember committee members first impression will be from your application and then interviewing you. Criteria often applied for review includes: Undergraduate grade point average (especially the last two years of college), Graduate record exam (GRE) scores, recommendation letters, and personal statement. Some committees will overlook poor GRE scores, if applicant has significant attributes in other areas.

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