Tips to Control Your Pet’s Begging

Once they have a taste or even a sniff of human food it is hard for pets to resist begging for more. Plus, it is just as hard for us to resist those droopy, sad eyes looking up at us begging for food. Pets constantly stare, gaze, and beg when you have some food near and it’s hard to ignore them, but you should not constantly give your pet human food. Learn to control their begging by following these tips.

The best thing to do is just say no and control your pet’s begging by balancing how much human food you do give them. Some pets don’t know when to stop eating and will eat their food and yours. Despite their hopeless looks stand your ground and don’t give in. This next tip may or may not work because some pets, especially dogs, seem to eat constantly, but you can try to feed them first and see if they beg less.

Another way to control your pet’s begging is to not eat in front of them or have them near when you eat. When you get ready to eat be sure your pet is either outside or in another faraway room. If they stay in the house, take them outside for a breath of fresh air or keep them in another room to avoid them smelling food and finding you, or the source of the food. Once you finish eating, you can then give them a small taste of what you had.

You have seen pets growl and fight over food, right? So when it comes to food, yours or theirs, pets can be pretty crafty and brazen when it’s time to eat. It’s part of their survival nature and they don’t mind begging. Cats will jump on the table or chair and dogs have their own slick ways of getting to food. If your pet just sits there begging for your food, you can always raise your voice with a firm sound and tell them to “go.” If they ignore your voice, try using other loud noises like bells, shaking a can that makes noises, or stomping your feet. Unusual noises will help some pets flee from the scene.

You can also spray your pet with a spray bottle filled with water. They hate that and it will send them running. Lastly, be sure food is not sitting near the end of the table or on the table if no one is watching it. Cats will jump on the table and dogs will try everything to get their mouth close enough to the food if it’s in reach. After following a few of these tips, your pet should get the idea, although, it will take awhile for that to happen.

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