Frontline Plus for Dogs or Cats Works

I’ve always been an animal lover and have always had several pets at a time. My kids and grand kids have followed suit, and they too, are pet lovers. Knowing that they’ll be holding and petting the animals regularly, it’s important for me to know that my pets’ flea and tick medications work, and work well.

Living in North Carolina, and living with a small woods in my backyard, we see lots of deer ticks throughout the season. With the dangers of disease carried by ticks, I put a lot of emphasis on keeping my home exterminated and my pets clean and insect-free. The way I do that is to use Frontline Plus for Dogs and Frontline Plus for Cats.

Before I discovered Frontline Plus I used whatever flea collars, drops and powders that were on sale or reasonably priced. They worked somewhat but it was not unusual for us to find fleas – and an occasional tick – on our pets. It also wasn’t a big surprise to find a tick now and then on us!

My vet recommended Frontline Plus but I just decided I simply couldn’t afford it. Frontline Plus costs quite a bit more than the so-so flea and tick products I had been buying for years. Then one day I received an online coupon for a merchant that sold health and beauty items, along with pet products and more. With the coupon, I could get Frontline Plus for less than I was paying for the other brands I’d been using. So, I tried it and I’ve never looked back.

I immediately noticed that my pets were never scratching and itchy. Before, I would see the pets scratch themselves but figured that was just part of being an animal. Now I realize that they previously were still battling fleas. It was nice to hold the pets and never, ever worry about fleas or ticks.

I love the Frontline Plus drops which are simply placed on the back of the neck. Once the formula has dried, the animals can be bathed, play in water, or even roll in mud and it won’t faze the Frontline Plus’ ability to protect against fleas and ticks.

Use the Frontline Plus once every three months for flea control, once every month for tick control. Frontline Plus has products for cats and dogs, but you have to purchase the formulas according to the weight of your pet. This can make it a little more costly if you have various sizes of animals, but it’ll be worth the cost, I promise.

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