Quick Pet Beds You Can Make Yourself

Pet beds don’t have to be purchased when you can make a perfectly fine one from things you have at home. Pets will lay on just about anything but if you want them to stay off the furniture make them their own special place from things you already have at home.

A pillowcase makes a fantastic bed for a small to medium size dog or any size cat. The great thing about making the pet bed from a pillowcase is that it’s already put together for you. Simply stuff the pillowcase with foam pieces, cotton, mismatched socks or purchase pillow stuffing at the store. After it’s properly stuffed use fabric glue or stitches to shut the open end.

You can still make a pillowcase bed for a larger dog by cutting two pillowcases down the sides. Pin the pillowcases together and stitch shut, leaving the ends open for stuffing. One seam is all you have to make to accomplish this project. After stuffing simply sew or glue the end shut.

Use an old sheet to make a pet bed, too. Fold the sheet in half then in half again. Sew all sides together except one. Stuff the center of the folded sheet then stitch shut. Any piece of cloth can be made into a bed by folding it to the proper size or cutting it to a specific size before stuffing and closing.

An old couch cushion makes a fabulous pet bed. Use as it is or make a cover that’s washable. To make the cover cut a rectangle, a couple of inches larger than the cushion, then cut a band that’s a couple inches wider and longer than the one on the cushion. Sew the band to the skirt, taking small tucks in the band as you go along. The tucks will allow the cover to easily fit over the cushion. When finished, you can simply put the cover over the cushion and take it off when time to launder.

Lots of different clothes make fabulous pet beds. Cut the band off of a skirt and sew the end shut. Stuff the skirt then glue or sew the other end shut. Do something similar with a tee shirt. Stitch the neckline and sleeve cuffs shut and stuff. When the stuffing is in, just stitch or glue the hem of the shirt shut. This design can be done from an old coat, a poncho, or even a pair of pants. If using pants, stitch or glue the inseams together to make the bed wider.

One other way to make a pet bed is from thick cardboard. Cut an oval, circle, or rectangle then cover it with a foam piece and fleece, corduroy, or just sheet material. Measure around the perimeter of the shape you chose but leave several inches open for the pet to enter. Mark the measurement on cardboard. Cut the cardboard about 6″ wide. Cut the band out of cardboard then cover with foam and fabric. Use fabric glue to affix the band around the pet bed itself.

A large basket can become a nice bed for a small pet. Make a pillow for the bottom then measure around the inside sides of the basket. Make a set of strips, that can be sewn together and stuffed, to cover the inside perimeter of the basket.

Look around your own house to see what can be fashioned into a nice pet bed for your favorite animal. Your pet will appreciate the comfy sleeper and you’ll appreciate a sofa with no pet fur!

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