Keeping Your Pet Safe in the Summer Heat

As temperatures start to rise, it is time to start planning a summer safety plan for your pet. Care must be taken if a pet is to be left outdoors during the summer. Water bowls will need to be filled much more frequently and it is important that their is an adequate amount of shade. If the pet is going to be outside, you may want to add ice cubes to their water bowl. If at all possible, it is much better to bring your pet indoors during the heat of a summer day.

Many of the pets that we have today were not meant to be living in the environment that they now reside in. If your pet was bred for a colder environment and has a thick coat, it is a good idea to keep the hair as short as possible during the summer months in order to provide as much comfort as possible to the pet. They are not acclimated to the heat and extra care should be taken to avoid heat strokes.

If you must take your animal with you in the car, it is important that the pet not be left in the car for extended periods. Temperatures in a closed car can soar within minutes and this can be fatal to pets. If you must take your pet, make sure that they have a good supply of air and park in a shady spot if possible. It is not acceptable to leave your pet in the back of a truck with no shade.

While we all realize how important it is for a pet to get proper exercise, it is best to limit walks and exercise to early morning or late evening. Not only can the heat be unbearable to them physically, but it can also cause burns on the pads of their feet. If a walkway is too hot for you to walk on barefoot, it is certainly too hot for your dog.

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