Toilet Paper Storage

It’s a universal problem. Where do you store the toilet paper so that guests know where to find it within easy reach? There’s no need to hide all your rolls under the sink. Here are a few alternative ways to keep your tp on display.

1- Paper Towel Holder

You can repurpose an old paper towel holder to stack three toilet paper rolls. This is an easy way to store a few rolls next to the toilet without having to resort to just putting them on top of the tank. Don’t be afraid to see old items in new ways!

2- Tall, Clear Glass Containers

Most of these are not made to store toilet paper, but they will work and actually look good. From glass jars made for kitchen storage of dried goods to apothecary jars or even tall, straight glass vases, anything tall and wide enough to store at least three rolls of toilet paper will do, as long it’s aesthetically pleasing to you. You can also use colored glass containers if they fit with your dÃ?©cor.

3- Drink Tub

Drink tubs, normally used to chill beverages in a party situation, now come in a variety of colors and sizes. These can be used to store your bathroom sundries.

4- Old Dutch Oven

Buy thrift store Dutch oven or large pot. If you buy one without a lid (perfect for bathroom storage) you’ll get a reduced price on it, since its usefulness in cooking is limited. If you don’t like the color you can always paint it.

5- The Basket

Just put a nice basket next to the toilet. Fill it with rolls of toilet paper and anything else that needs storing. You can use a picnic basket if you want to hide things. You can also spray paint the basket to match your d�©cor.

6- Specialty stand-alone holders

There’s a drawback to some stand alone holders because they the hide the paper from sight. I prefer something that displays rather than hides paper for guests. (Check out this model ) Some are like paper towel holders, except that they’re a bit taller so you can stack more toilet paper rolls.

7- Short Shelves

A series of short shelves, about ten inches long, mounted to the wall next to the commode can accommodate quite a few rolls.

8- Corner Shelves

Corner shelves are a real space saver and a great place to stack your tp.

9- Shadow boxes

Mount about three small shelf shadow boxes (they can come in about 7″ square) next to the toilet or near it. Place a roll in each box.

10- An Old Shoe Tree

Not all of these are short enough or the right size for toilet paper, but if you have one moldering away in your garage and it fits, then why not repurpose it!

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