Tonight’s the Night

Tonight’s the Night

check the x on the calendar

tonight’s the night

get my mask from the bottom drawer

pull on my suspenders tight

horizontal-striped polo

slim fit women’s jean

going on right, rolled, oh

show lots of sock – –

bright-white, so clean

yeah I’m walking down

Water Street

I’m walking down the right hand side

you know I’m walking, pointing hands and feet

like two wild and crazy guys

I know I’ve come upon the party

Monster Mash is blasting through the breeze


Marty McFly tries to card me

I just ask him: ‘Got any cheese?!’

six pack of blatz and a bong rip later

the room’s a grinning, spinning circle

I demand the wolfman play a funky beat

and now the room’s doing the Urkel

…tore a Laura from the bathroom line

a Raggedy Ann with her dress on

I came on strong smelling like a swine,

“Hey maybe baby I can be your Stefan?”

poor Andy came and smacked me

Hey mister this was just a joke

no Eddie to protect me

so I offered him a smoke

laughing into the autumn sky

outside on his welcome mat

I let my cig just Fry on his eye

and shouted,

“Did I do that?”

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