Top 10 Blogs About Gadgets

Do you find yourself pining away over the newest and sleekest phones, Mp3 players, digital cameras and computers? Need the scoop on the newest and coolest in gadgets? Looking for gadgets just for women? Not looking for novelty shopping sites posing as gadget blogs? Here are 10 gadget blogs about your next favorite electronic device.

Gearlog Although a corporate entity, this technology blog covers gadgets in fun and conversational manner. Sections of this tech blog are pretty specific and include devices including Bluetooth, digital cameras and digital video, Gadgets and Gizmos for home and office, handheld computers, iPod, Linux devices, Phones, seasonal gadgets, tech toys, wearable tech and wireless devices. This in-depth technology blog covers hobbies including amateur radio, audio production, DIY, FIY, gearlog radio and gaming.

You can also satisfy your hardware itch with this gadget blog as it keeps you up to date on everything from carrying cases to desktops and printers.

This site is so full of tech info we almost may think about forgiving its creators (Ziff-Davis) for letting TechTV die.

Gadgetspy_ is an incredibly organized gadget blog. Colorful tabs and spiffy names at the top of the screen may be clicked for content including Audio, Comms, Compute, Entertain, Gadgets, Visualize, Wireless and Misc. The concept of using verbs for some category names on this gadget blog make you want to propel forward and act. The gadget images do not overwhelm the page, as they do on other gadget blogs.

Tech-Weblog .Biz is all about hardware, gadgets and gizmos and is run by Christopher C. Cemper a software developer and project manager When you need your gadget blog to discuss cameras, entertainment, gadgets, games, geek nes,hardware, home cinema/AV, MP3/AVI Players, Notebooks, P800, Phones, Skype, WIFI/Wireless and Xbox, this is the site for you.

popgadget is a true one-of-a-kind technology blog because its about “personal tech and innovative gadgets for women.” Now women too can get their technology fix without being bombarded by advertising directed towards 18-25 year-old males. Popgadget diverges from most gadget blogs as it covers topics you’d normally read about in women’s magazines including health and fitness, beauty and fashion, family and home, and entertainment. Popgadget focuses on products and people “exciting innovations to those aspects of our lives.”

Red Ferret Journal is a gadget blog that covers not only gadgets but also websites, software and trivia in an offbeat manner. This gadget blog does not purport to be comprehensive, rather it focuses on unusual and bizarre events, products and technology from around the globe. The also strive to be on the forefront of breaking news on important new technologies and trends.

fosfor gadgetscovers cellphones, design, gadgets, photo, software, video and the web. This gadget blog pops with pretty pictures and short text. This site does not take itself of the technology it covers too serious. If you need your gadget blog light and fluffy (in a good way) fosfor is for you.

Engadget covers it all. This comprehensive gadget blog is dense with entries on every type of gadget. The usual suspects are all there: cell phones, computers, PDAs, handhelds, digital cameras, laptops, audio, robots, wearables and wireless. Unlike other gadget blogs, household gadgets and Tablet Pcs have their own subject headings.

Gizmodo is a gadget blog serving up everything related to “gadgets, gizmos and cutting-edge consumer electronics.” The blog is heavy on news, reviews and product recommendations. This gadget blog is archived back to 2002.

TechEBlog is a technology blog that will fill your pockets with all the latest tech and gadget news. Although the site is clean and sleek, an entire half of the page is dedicated to advertising.

Akihabara News is the leading gadget blog covering gadgets and high-tech stuff from Asia and Akihabara, Tokyo’s electronic discount store district. News and reviews dominate this clean-looking blog.

So if you are looking to buy or just to drool, any of these 10 gadget blogs should get you on your way.

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