Top 10 Unique Headboard Ideas: Cheap to Chic

Interior decorating doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be a 3 month project. Take one room at a time and in just a day or two you can have a unique room for just pennies on the dollar. Today we are going to concentrate on the bedroom. More specifically the bed and the top 10 best ideas for producing easy to make, stylish headboards. A trip to your local hardware store, (don’t forget to stop out back. Many fun treasures and useful items can be found behind the store waiting for the waste management truck to haul it away) just browsing around can be helpful in triggering a creative idea for you. The local Goodwill or Free store and even thrift stores can be very handy in finding inexpensive and sometimes free supplies such as material, buttons, knobs, threads, rugs etc. The list below are my top 10 headboard ideas, some of which I have personally made for my children’s bedrooms or for mine, and some I haven’t tried yet but I am sure I will in the near future.

1. The Garden Party: This headboard is very versatile in the way that it can be used for any size bed. Because each piece is individual, you can set it up to be for a twin bed or expand it all the way to a king if you like. Personally, I have used it in my daughter’s bedroom for a double or full size bed and also for a twin sized bed. You will need 2-2X4’s approximately 48″ long, 3 to 5 pieces of scrap 1X6’s from 3 1/2 ft. to 4 1/2 ft. in length ( or you can also make them all the same length. I like to stagger them.), 3 to 6 yds. of fabric or you may use paint to decorate the boards with. Finally, approximately 12- 1 1/2″-2″ wood screws and a screwdriver. I painted the 2X4’s a spring green and covered the 1X6’s in a floral fabric using a good fabric glue to secure it to the boards. You can also pad the 1X6’s with a thin piece of foam for a more dimensional look and for comfort when leaning against the headboard, securing the foam with fabric glue and the fabric with a staple gun as well. When securing the 1X6’s to the first 2X4 at the bottom, you can butt the 1X6’s up against each other or space them out. I like to space them out about 2 inches apart because I have cut some of my 1X6’s at different lengths to give it the “fence” look. Simply screw your 1X6’s to the broad side of one of the 2X4’s. Next Screw the other 2X4 to the back side across all of your 2X6’s. This is to give the headboard stability. My daughter’s bed sits on a steel Hollywood frame that is separate from the headboard therefore, I have screwed the bottom 2X4 to the wall or splash board behind the head of her bed. To add to the theme in her room I also made co-ordinating throw pillows and a comforter along with a mock curtain with a shelf above it to give the impression that there is another window in the room. This whole project too approximately 3 hours to complete.

2. Gateway to Dreamland: I love to go “junking”. Junking is just driving around to see what sort of goodies stores or their customers didn’t want so they have placed them out back to be discarded. Also, going to estate auctions is fun and prosperous. The gateway to dreamland is quite simple and easy to put together. All you have to do is find an old gate. I like to use the older wrought iron gates but even the newer gates used with chain link fencing can work nicely.
Again, a simple steel bed frame or “Hollywood” bed is best to use. Some heavy duty screws and a can of spray paint is all that is required for supplies. After you have given it a coat of paint, simply center the gate on the wall behind the bed and while you have someone hold it in place, secure it to the wall with the screws. Voile’ ! Instant headboard. To bring it all together you can paint or draw a picket fence around the room. Interlace some greenery into the gate and even place some one sided baskets of greenery or silk flowers above either or both sides of the gate to pull it all together. Quick, easy and very affordable.

3. The Woodsman: If your really handy with power tools, this may be a project for you. Using landscape timbers or actual logs split lengthwise, you can create a smooth or rough hewn look to this headboard. For a twin bed you will need 5 -3″ or 4″ timbers about 4-5 ft. long(split lengthwise) and 5 pieces of timber approximately 6-8″ in length and about 16 -4 1/2″ wood screws. The layout and design is very simply and easy to put together. Simply lay 2 of your 3″ or 4″ long pieces of timber on the floor about 4-5ft apart. Place another the top of them overlapping each one and fasten it to the two side pieces. Next, take another one and place it across the two side pieces about 6-8″ below the top one (this will depend on whether you will be using 6″or 8″ smaller pieces for the inside area.). Now you can make these two pieces even closer together and attach the smaller pieces to the outside or fronts of the longer boards or you can make the space just a litter closer so that you can tap the smaller pieces inside with a hammer , spaced about 4″ apart. The choice is yours! Now you can secure this headboard to the wall on either side with the wood screws. I used 3 screws per side but that is up to you. You can have the rough hewn log look or you can sand these down and put a couple coats of polyurethane and /or even stain them.

4. An Arabian Night: The person who created curtain cheers and lace curtains probably didn’t know how useful they could be other than for window treatments. There are so many possibilities with these items. Swag them above the head of the bed letting them hang from a plant hook attached to the ceiling or wall and letting them drape and flow at will. You can also make a frame from 4-1X1’s, suspend it from the ceiling and let the sheers or curtains hang from the frame. During the day yo can tie them back with ribbons and at night unloose them to form a dreamland cloud around the bed. At the head of the bed you can also gather the ends of the curtains with a ribbon allowing about 4-6″ to fan out at the top. Fasten them to the wall with a couple of small hooks allowing them to cascade down the wall. You’re little “Queen of Sheba” will have nothing but sweet dreams.

5. De”light”ful Nights: A headboard doesn’t come made any more simple than this one. An inexpensive or left over piece of lattice from a previous project, can be any size, painted with either greenery, twinkle lights or both woven throughout it can be comforting and romantic. You set the mood!

6. Stylish yet Simple: This is a no frills yet very stylish and comfortable headboard that is easy to make and install as well as accessorize with. Begin with 4 pieces of plywood about 8-10″ wide and about 3 – 4 ft. long. Using different shades of the same color, cover the pieces of plywood with fabric. Fasten it to the plywood with either staples or if your good at keeping it smooth, you can use fabric glue on the facing and secure it in back with staples. Either way is fine. Using frame brackets (like on the back of picture frames or mirrors) applied to the backs of your covered boards, hang them on the wall at the head of your bead. Add a little pizazz with some matching or contrasting throw pillows. In about an hour you have a totally new look to your room.

7. No nails,glue,saws or screws!: For the person who is afraid of household tools, this is the headboard for you. A ruler or yardstick is about the only tool you will need besides a pencil. Simply draw a rectangle on the wall approximately 4-6″ above the head of the bed. Next get a can of your favorite color of paint and a paint brush (oops! its a tool. Sorry!) Paint the inside of your rectangle. When it is dried, take some braid, rope, ribbon or what ever you like and hot glue it around your rectangle. Instant headboard. For more ambiance, you can of course add a couple of battery operated easy mount touch lights to either corner for convenience while reading in bed.

8. Picture This!: Photo screens are a fun and memorable piece of decor that can be used in any room of your home. It can be functional and fun in the bedroom too. Using several screens at the head of the bed mounted to the wall with pictures of your loved ones can keep them near and dear to you all throughout the night. In a boys room, turn it lengthwise across the head of the bed and let him fill it with pictures of his favorite hobbies,sports or memorabilia of any kind. The possibilities are limitless…and very inexpensive.

9. Only the Shadow Knows: Shadow boxes with a new twist. Another way to utilize the photo screen is to leave the picture areas open and mounting 1-2″ strips of thin plywood across the back of the screens before mounting it to the wall. The plywood should be placed so as to give a place to set small items inside the frames. Girls like these for their little nick knacks and boys find it handy for displaying their Hot Wheels.

10. Easy as Pie!: A quick fix to the headboard issue is to find a piece of upholstery material or a picturesque rug or even better, a piece of carpet or rug with a large flower or item in the center, frame it and hang it above your bed at the head. Instead headboard, instant decor, color and a work of art.

I hope that you have found at least one of these ideas intriguing enough that you will give it a try. These are all fun and easy to do projects that can add color, beauty, design and fun to any bedroom. Your individual personality is what makes any of these easy headboard ideas a complete success. Adding your own touches, ideas makes anyone of these idea your own. So have fun, be creative, if you like it then it is beautiful.

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