Top 5 Best Rammstein Songs

Rammstein has been around for many years now, and in that time they have created some absolutely great music. The lyrics, if you can understand German, are quite ingenious, and the music is always heavy, creative, and dark. It is thus difficult to come up with a list of only five of my favorite songs by them, but I will try! Here are my top five favorite Rammstein songs ever:

Reise Reise

Poetic albeit somewhat grisly imagery of a battle at sea. It’s quite enigmatic, but it’s the music that really does it for me. This song is heavy, there is no doubt about it, but it is also tinged with deep sorrow. You can almost feel yourself there, witnessing the aquatic carnage as it unfolds.


Rammstein’s songs are often quite sexually explicit, albeit with metaphorical imagery. This song is a prime example. Indeed, if you speak German and can see through the transparent imagery, this is probably one of their most graphic! Not to mention it has a stunning beat which is the hallmark of their Tanzmetall genre.


Another thing at which Rammstein excels is taking rather innocuous–or seemingly innocuous–themes and bringing out their macabre connotations. This song, for example, is about a hapless lover who climbs a mountain to fetch a flower for his beloved only to lose his footing and plummet to his death. The thudding bass almost accentuates the crashing of the boy as he falls down the mountain…

Rein Raus

Here is another graphically sexual song couched in crude (but humorous) imagery. The title means “In, out” so that should be an indication! Let’s just say coitus is facetiously described as riding a horse. The heavy industrial grind of this song brings you back for more, and I always imagine this song would be perfect if played in a goth club.

Du Hast

No list of Rammstein’s greatest songs would be complete without this classic! As I said, Rammstein is great at making ample use of the double-entendre, and this song is a perfect example. It would take too long to explain the requisite German grammar to fully understand the double meaning of this song, but suffice it to say it’s a rather clever use of the language. One of my all-time favorites!

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