Top Beverage Centers Under $1,000

Are you looking for a hot way to keep your beverages cool this summer while you are entertaining? Well, look no further! My recent review of the Frigidaire 16.0 cubic foot beverage center (model FRTB7B4EMB) makes this sleek unit a force to be reckoned with! First and foremost is the ingenious design of this particular beverage cooler. The one I looked at was a gorgeous and modern style stainless steel.

The amazing thing about this particular unit is its wide variety of possible uses. It boasts a 12.75 cubic foot refrigeration capacity along with a 3.75 cubic food freezer on top of it’s ability to accommodate barrel keg sizes of both half and quarter kegs. There is a pocket door handle that is great for storing items and saving you space on the interior. Let us not forget to mention that the doors are reversible. Inside the refrigeration compartment you will find two heavy duty slide out wire food baskets for storing fresh foods, a fresh food shelf that is Ã?¼ width and a storage compartment in the door that will easily accommodate a gallon of milk. There is ample room for food storage in this unit, which makes it even more useful when entertaining guests.

When we dared venture into the freezer, we found a wire shelf that was five levels and included wine storage and a can dispenser. There are also two freezer storage racks in the inside of the freezer door, perfect for storing frozen vegetables or extra trays of ice. It is quite roomy and a great feature to the unit. This unit does not come with the caster kit or icemaker as a standard feature, but you may also purchase the heavy duty caster kit and icemaker separately if interested.

When we checked out the tap system, we found it to be a pressurized tap system which consisted of two humidity controls, regulator, empty CO2 canister and hoses, faucet and the tap itself. One great thing about this Frigidaire beverage center is that they have developed the NeverClean condenser for this model, ensuring that you will never have to do the hard labor on the condenser, as it is self cleaning.

You will want to be sure to measure the space you intend to install this beverage center, many times customers head out to pick out a new appliance only to discover they will not fit in the intended place. This unit stands sixty four inches and a half from the bottom of the unit to the top of the door hinge, and is twenty eight and two fifths inches wide. It is also twenty nine and two fifths inches deep. This unit is capable of holding up to ninety eight bottles and cans of beverage, which is a wonderful feature as most refrigeration units have little room to accommodate such large quantities of individual beverages.

This unit is a nice and quiet appliance and comes complete with instruction manual on how to connect your taps and how to use the features it provides.
This unit can be purchased at any of the larger appliance retailers including Sears, Lowes and Best Buy. Many times, with your purchase of a large appliance, you are eligible for certain rebates, so be certain to ask your salesperson if those are available at time of purchase. Many stores will also install your new appliances at no charge or at a minimal cost to you. When engaging in comparative cost analysis, we found several of those large retailers offering this particular unit under $1000. Purchase of this Frigidaire beverage center includes a full one year warranty for parts from the manufacturer.

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