Top Car Electronics Products Under $100 to Power Your System

Need an amp to boost your system so it doesn’t skip a beat? Then this review is for you. Purchasing a new amplifier for your automobile can in fact be easy, fun, and cheap. Don’t believe me, read on. There are plenty of options available for the car audio enthusiast, with many powerful models being priced under $100.

A quality, mid level, car audio system can be very reasonably priced as long as you, the consumer, do some research on your own and shop around for the best deals. Read customer reviews, especially those by people like you who are installing or have installed similar systems to the one you are planning. Another key aspect to getting a quality system for your automobile is to shop around for prices. Nearly every week there is some sort of sale on car audio, from an actual discount off the price to other offers such as free installation, free speakers, or free shipping. Another option to reduce cost is to buy a refurbished amplifier. These typically come with the same warranty as a brand new amp with a greatly reduced cost.

Research is vital to every major purchase you plan to make, not only car audio products, but any major investment you make with your time and money. Good research sites for car audio are,,, and The products I list below are just some amplifiers which made the list. There are other amplifiers priced under $100 in addition to many, many other amps priced above the $100 mark.

Amplifiers under $100: Profile AP400
A nice beginner’s amplifier to power several speakers, the Profile AP400 puts out a modest 65watts on 2 channels RMS. Despite its small power output and inability to power most subwoofer (lack of power) this amp is ideal for small applications such as powering aftermarket speakers or stock speakers which need more power. Its small size comes in handy if you want to build a “stealth” system, which is one that doesn’t appear as being obviously aftermarket. It can easily be tucked under a seat or other area of you car. Speaker output dial lets you fine tune the amp to you sound and power needs.

Amplifiers under $100: Dual XIA2460
A slightly more powerful amp, this beauty is capable of pushing two aftermarket speakers at 100 watts apiece or one subwoofer with an impressive-for-the-price 300 watts. Audio filters determine what your speakers are capable of reproducing so you don’t damage any components or end up with blurred or distorted sound. Included bass boost adds more depth to your low notes when called upon. With a neutral black and white color scheme, amplifier can be put on display in any car no matter the setup or color scheme.

Amplifiers under $100: Kenwood KAC-6202
Manufactured by a well known company to those both in and out of the auto industry, this sleek black and silver amp has a reputation to back its power. Made specifically to power speakers, whether aftermarket or factory, this amp ensures you hear every detail of your favorite music from rock to country, and from classical to rap, this amp makes any kind of music loud and clear. With an easy connection, this amp can be added to any system you have in your car from factory to 100 percent aftermarket.

Not sure what amplifier fits your needs? Or are you not comfortable buying your car audio products online? Your best option is to pay a visit to your local chain electronics store or car audio store. The latter may be your best bet especially for trying to find what is right for you. Although their prices are typically higher, these local shops can typically offer more insight into specific products than large chain store.

Don’t see your amp on my list, add it in the comments section in addition to any other thoughts you have on this subject.

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