Top Chef Cooks!

Top Chef: A Cooking Quiz

Most people love to cook and bake. I happen to love to both cook and bake. And for those people who love to cook and bake it is no surprise that they would enjoy watching Bravo’s reality show Top Chef. Top chef tries to find the next great chef by putting twelve of the best chefs through a series of grueling cooking challenges. Along with the grueling cooking challenges The first season of Top Chef also provided views with plenty spicy and flavorful catfights and behind the scenes battles. Season two of Top Chef is coming in October so before the new season starts, it is important to see if food and reality show lovers are up to date on their Top Chef knowledge Therefore, here is a spicy cooking quiz:

1. Where does Top Chef Take Place?
A. Hawaii
B. Boston
C. Texas
D. San Francisco

2. Which one was not one of the challenges on Top Chef?
A. Cooking for Children
B. Catering a wedding
C. Making a sexy dessert at a sex shop
D, A beach barbeque

3. Katie is the wife of what famous singer?
A. Bob Dylan
B. Elton John
C. Jon Mayer
D. Billy Joel

4. Which chef did Miguel call a “snake?”
A. Dave
B. Harold
C. Tiffany
D. Ken

5. How many hours did the chefs have to cater Scott’s and Scot’s wedding reception
A. Four days
B. A week
C. 16 hours
D. 2 Days

6. What main ingredient did three of the four chefs use in cooking with truffles challenge?
A. Chicken
B. Lamb
C. Beef
D. Tofu
E. Pork

7. What mistake did Dave make to get him eliminated?
A. He ate the food he was preparing.
B. He burned the food that he was preparing.
C. He hit another chef
D. He forgot to make one dish for a cirque performer.

8. Which celebrity asked the chefs to prepare a seven course meal for the launch of his new cookbook?
A. Wolf Gang Puck
B. Rachael Ray
C. Ted Allen
D. Bobby Flay

9. Who said “I’m not your bitch, bitch?”
A. Tiffany
B. Andrea
C. Lee Ann
D. Dave

10. Where did the final food challenge take place?
A. San Diego
B. Florida
C. Las Vegas
D. Hawaii

11. Who won Season one of Top Chef?
A. Harold
B. Lee Ann
C. Ken
D. Stephen
12. Which chef was a pastry specialist?
A. Harold
B. Stephen
C. Tiffany
D. No One

1. San Francisco which is one of the top culinary cities in the world.
2. A beach barbeque but the chefs did barbeque steaks for dinner one night
3. Katie Lee Joel is the wife of musician Billy Joel.
4. Tiffany, Miguel called her a snake when she lied about telling the judges that it was time for Miguel to go home.
5. They had 16 hours so they catered the wedding using supermarket food
6. Harold, Tiffany, and Lee Ann used lamb with the truffles. Dave used beef with the truffles. In addition, he made macaroni and cheese with the beef and put the Mac and cheese over the truffles. Truffles are high quality mushrooms.
7. D. Dave didn’t make three dishes because he got confused with the other challenges that day. Therefore, he left off one person’s order and he got eliminated even through he had won the poker food portion of the challenge.
8. C. Ted Allen is the food and wine expert on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy has written a cookbook called The Foods you Want to Eat.
9. D. Dave said this after Tiffany was interrupting him during judges table after the wedding challenge.
10. C. Las Vegas is another top culinary city with great restaurants such as Kraft Steak and Nob Hill.
11. A. Harold won the first season of Top Chef. He beat Tiffany.
12. D. No one was good at making pastries. In fact, most of the chefs complained when it came to making desserts.

If you scored 3 or less, then you are in need of some cooking and baking lessons.
If you scored at least 6 you are pretty good with food.
If you scored more than 6 you are a Top Chef, Good Job.


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