Top Sports Bars/Restaurants in St. Charles

Need a place to go to watch the big game or in some cases games. St. Charles a suburb of St. Louis has their fill of Football, Baseball, and soon Hockey to fill their weekends. With The St. Louis Cardinals heading into the playoffs and it being the last year at their home Busch Stadium this season is a memorable one. The St. Louis Rams are trying for another chance at the Super Bowl. Plus, the St. Louis Blues are heading back to the ice for the first time in over a year now that the NHL lock out is over. The seasons are going to over lap here and these do not include college sports either. Grab a pen and write these down to enjoy your teams in a great atmosphere.

Kriegers on the South Service Road is adorned with sports memorabilia. There Televisions are always onto the games and maybe for an extra tip the bartender may change the television to your game if it is not being shown. Their menu has a wide variety of appetizers, hamburgers, and pizzas. You can even take the kids with you if you can’t find a sitter, all kids meals are 4.95 that includes their drink and applesauce as a healthy dessert. If you visit their website they offer a web coupon for a free kid’s meal with a purchase of an adult entree.

Down on Main Street there is Big A’s. This restaurant has a neighborhood corner bar type of feel, small yet inviting. The wait staff is friendly and laid back. Decked out with local sports pictures, article clippings, and signs its a great place to root for your local team. For the MLB World Series or the NFL Super Bowl they have a small room that can accommodate about 30 people that you can rent out. The room is equipped with a private bar and you can select a menu place from appetizers to a full meal. It is also quite in expensive and has a great view of the Missouri River. Big A’s is also another great place to take the kids to enjoy the game. If you do want to rent the room you need to go to Big A’s on a weekday to talk to the manager and at least a month before the date needed.

In the newly built complex near Bass Pro Shop is Side Pockets, they have televisions and pool tables. If you are not really into listening to the game and just want to keep tack of the score, this is the place for you. Televisions are in easy view from the pool table so you can catch replays of the winning point being scored. The menu is a pretty basic American Food type menu with hamburgers and pizza. Side Pockets just opening with in the past year and is a busy place, if you want to really watch the game I would not recommend picking Side Pockets for the big game. If you are still wanting to be out and about after the big game stop in and play some pool.

On the South Service road is Show Me’s more of a place for adults is a Florida Themed restaurant. They offer a variety of appetizers which they call “Starters”, salads, sandwiches, and seafood. Their seafood variety includes steam shrimp, oysters, and crab legs. Show Me’s starting in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and has been expanding in the St. Louis and beyond. If you want more of a variety off food Show Me’s will give you what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a new place to go Rookie’s Bar and Grill is for you. Having just opened near the Fountain Lakes complex on Elm the parking lot is always full. With great food and tons of people to meet Rookies offers everything you need. Watch the game surround by other devoted fans and discuss the highlights of the game at the bar afterwards. Rookies is kind of a loud and noisy place it may not be the best place for children.

Next time you are thinking of going out for the game check out some of these places and see what you think.

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