Top DVD Recorders for Under $200

A DVD recorder in the home used to be simply a luxury item, but it is quickly becoming somewhat of a necessity as a result of the multitude of digital technology available on the market. While a DVD recorder originally was used simply to record your favorite shows and movies onto DVD, rreplacing the VHS recorder, they have evolved to take full advantage of digital media. DVD recorders can be used to record images from your digital cameras and camcorders, preserving your home movies and photos on a disc, and they can similarly play all types of digital media, from DVDs and CDs to MP3 discs and JPEG discs (discs containing image files).

Thankfully, the price of DVD recorders has decreased somewhat as the technology and the product has become more common, but there is still no reason to skimp on something that can be rendered useless within months if the quality and manufacturing isn’t up to par. For under $200, you can purchase a well-made, brand-name DVD recorder that should meet all your expectations and provide all the necessary features to enhance your digital lifestyle.

The Samsung DVD-R145 DVD Recorder is a slim and stylish DVD player/recorder combination, able to record on virtually any DVD media, including DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, re-writable DVD-RAM and dual layer DVDs for extra recording capacity. The remarkable technology of the Samsung DVD Recorder even allows you to skip backwards or forwards and watch recording video during the recording process when utilizing DVD-RAM discs. Another useful option is the ability to skip commercials from recorded television shows.

The Samsung DVD Recorder also features the ability to increase the resolution of recording through an “upconverting” process when used in conjunction with a specialized HDMI cable.

Front-located inputs allow you to easily connect your digital cameras or camcorders and record directly onto a DVD with minimal fuss, while maintaining perfect image quality.

Programming is relatively simple, using either a traditional timer or simply pressing record and setting the allotted recording time during with a simple touch-button. The DVD recorder automatically creates chapters for you, and you can afterwards edit your recorded movies and images, deleting, copying, or renaming as you see fit, as well as creating playlists and moving about video clips.

A quick start guide helps you set up quickly and get started using your DVD recorder within minutes, and the manual uses both text and illustrations to better explain the more advanced aspects of the Samsung DVD recorder.

The Panasonic DMR-ES30VS DVD Recorder/VCR Combo is a useful combination of both VCR, and DVD player/recorder, enabling you to record all your VHS tapes onto DVD as well with ease, as well as eliminating the need for your old VCR. The Panasonic DVD Recorder/VCR Combo utilizes all types of standard DVD recordable media and using VBR technology, allows you to fit more video than normal onto a single-sided DVD (at a small loss of quality).

Like the Samsung, the Panasonic also features a handy time-slip ability to watch a previously recorded show while simultaneously recording another.

Recording from VHS to DVD is quick and painless, using a simple quick-step procedure or a single touch of a button, and when recording anything onto DVD, you wont have to worry about recording over something previously recorded; the DVD recorder automatically searched the disc for blank space. Chapters are also created automatically for you, and editing is an easy process with a little instruction from the manual.

The Panasonic DVD Recorder is an excellent choice for individuals with a fair amount of VHS tapes still in their library, or simply as a standalone DVD recorder with the VHS option should you ever find yourself in possession of one of those old blocky VHS tapes.

Another great option is the Sony RDR-GX330 Single Tray DVD Recorder. Compatible with the same DVD recordable media as the previous models as well as double-layer DVD recordable discs, the Sony DVD Recorder also offers different quality modes, allowing you to fit more video on a disc

Front inputs also serve to simplify recording from digital cameras and camcorders, and similar features such as simultaneous recording and viewing, and playback of MP3 discs and JPEG discs are also available on the Sony.

Menus are created easily and editing functions are available with certain DVD formats.

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