Top Electronics Products Under $150 to Satisfy Your Car Audio Needs

Are you looking to make your mirrors shake to the bump of your bass? Or are you looking to hear the acoustic guitar of your favorite country music? Maybe you want to listen to your classical music loud and clear. No matter the reason, there are many car CD decks that can answer all of these situations and none of them cost more than $150.

All too often, when we go to car shows or turn on the TV we see sound systems that cost thousands of dollars with decks costing well over $500. The everyday driver and listener doesn’t need a sound system which requires you to take out a loan and sign your soul away all at the same time. Here’s a selection of car CD decks that will provide you quality sound without emptying your bank account. I will provide some different manufacturers and models but I will leave the price shopping up to you. Check local stores as well as online electronics stores such as and for sales and special offers which can make these decks even better deals.

CD Decks under $150: JVC KD-G420 CD Deck
JVC is a well established electronics manufacturer known for making quality products at fair prices. Case in point: the KD-G420. This model offers plenty of power for stock speakers to blare out your favorite music. For those who own an Apple iPod, this model is ready for you, provided you purchase the optional adaptor. This model allows you to customize your deck to your musical tastes from hardcore to lullabies and everything in between.

CD Decks under $150: Alpine CDE-9842 CD Deck w/ Detachable Faceplate
Worried about leaving your CD deck in your car while your parked in a public, highly visible place at school, work, or while shopping? This deck from Alpine has the solution for you. When you leave your car, take the faceplate with you and leave any possible thieves with a worthless piece of electronics. Although slightly less power than the JVC, this Alpine deck offers 18 preset audio configurations. To top it all off, neon green illuminations to easily find buttons at night.

CD Decks under $150: Pioneer DEH-2800MP CD Deck
Want crisp and clean yet powerful sound while you’re cruising the streets? This is your deck. Coming from one of the most well known car audio manufacturers, this Pioneer deck has the power supply to support all listening styles. This deck can also help if you constantly forget your favorite radio stations. Offering 24 station presets, never forget a station again. Also included in this powerful package, a custom equalizer to fine tune your tunes.

CD Decks under $150: Kenwood KDC-MP232 CD Deck
If you want to listen to hundreds of songs without hearing the same one twice, you need MP3 playback and this deck offers you this feature and many more. Built in MOSFET amplifier allows you to make your mirrors shake when your radio is blasting. Have a Sirius subscription? Purchase the necessary equipment and this head unit can display all of your music information on one screen. Make your drive to work more pleasant with this deck.

CD Decks under $150: Sony CDXGT300 CD Deck
This powerful model offers many features typically found in an upper end model. 13 segment blue lit screen lights the night for easy music navigation. Compatible with both XM and Sirius satellite radio systems, this model is ideal for those who don’t know what satellite radio company they may choose. Equipped with a front auxiliary port, this head unit easily connects to almost any portable audio device.

Do none of these CD decks sound like they are for you? Search around. Many internet sites allow you to sort products by price as well as their rating by fellow consumers. You can also read customer reviews and experts opinions to find which deck is the best fit for your situation.

Own one of these decks? Are there CD players that should be added to this list? If so, add a comment to this article.

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