Top Panasonic TV Products Under $500

Recently, I had the opportunity to review the Panasonic Quintrix PL10. My brother purchased this wonderful television set, and the first thing I noticed was the sleek design the new PL10 boasts. The television looks quite modern and I suspect the PL10 could add a touch of elegance to just about any room. When it comes to reviewing a Panasonic Quintrix, it must be said that some of the previous versions did not rate as fair when it came to detail response, but the PL10 is proof that these models have been technologically altered and are making a new wave for the Panasonic family name.

The first thing I want to touch on is the picture quality of the Panasonic Quintrix PL10. The PL10 boasts a 100Hz digital scan, which is excellent, as it prevents any unwanted digital interference. There are no visible blurs in the picture and the lines are straight. The colors in the picture are contained as expected, and the contrast performance is above what is expected. The full blacks and pure whites are produced well and there is no noticeable curvature, as the geometry is quite good. Frame to frame jumping is smooth and there are no blurred areas or choppiness in frame to frame transitions.

The sound quality of the Panasonic Quintrix PL10 is pretty good considering its seven watts per side. You can achieve an impressive level of volume for being so low, but another fine quality to point out, is that as volume increases, we could detect no cabinet rattle. One thing most people will look for with volume, is whether or not the volume remains stable on either side of the speakers as the volume increases or decreases. We noticed that acceptable balance was achieved in our own tests of range. There was no noticeable distortion or speaker rattle during volume transitions. Sounds are quite crisp and clear, and remain so when volume is turned up or down.

The PL10 has a zoom adjustment facility that lets you adjust the vertical positioning and size like the similar feature found on a computer monitor. With this feature, you can cancel out black areas on your screen or balance your picture more squarely.

Some of the features of the Panasonic Quintrix PL10 is the Picture Noise Reduction, also referred to as P-NR. This feature comes in handy if you are experiencing a stormy picture. If you have normal picture quality, it is unlikely that the Picture Noise Reduction feature will benefit you much. However, if you are experiencing a grainy or stormy picture, the Picture Noise Reduction will help a bit, although it does reduce the detail of your picture quality. If you are experiencing color bleeding with the Panasonic Quintrix PL10, then you to have the AI feature to help stop that by adjusting the contrast and brightness to meet the THX optimizer standards.

If there was anything to complain about at all, it would be the connection selections. The arrangement of the connection skarts were quite confusing, and my brother said that it threw him for a loop when he was trying to connect everything. It is a small problem and one that can be easily overcome and should not otherwise affect the decision to purchase this wonderful set.

All in all, this model of Panasonic Quintrix was a delight to toy around with during our weekend visit. The sound and picture quality was very favorable. If you are looking for quality at a minimal price, this set will not disappoint you. This model is currently being sold for less than four hundred dollars in many stores such as Sears and Circuit City.

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