Top Skin Care Products Over $10: Acne Solutions that Work!

Products that are marketed to control and clear acne are everywhere! How are you supposed to choose? Which product is the best for you money?

Here are a few products over ten dollars, and below one hundred, that are the best and most used on the market today. Proactiv is gaining tons of popularity in the United States right now. This system has been around for about three years now, after being produced by two women, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. The system was tested for five years before being put on the market. You can buy the basic, trial size set for $19.95, which includes the Renewing Cleanser (2 fl. oz.), Revitalizing Toner (2 fl. Oz.), and Repairing Lotion (1 fl. Oz). All bottles are half size and only intended to be a one month supply. For a two month basic set you will pay $39.95. The set is available with either a Daily Oil Control or Oil-free moisture with SPF 15 for $49.95. If you decide the entire set is for you, then you can get it for $59.95. All sets include free bonuses, which is a package of pamphlets telling you about acne and how their products work. This system comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. The products are not all-natural, although some ingredients are herbal. Proactiv is only available by mail order, internet, or calling a one eight hundred number. I have personally tried this system, and it did not work to well for me. I personally do not know of anyone who has tried it and had success, but their gain in popularity and thousands of testimonials seems to show that it does work for some people.

A company named Arbonne offers an acne treatment system called Clear Advantage. This is a Swiss company that is over twenty five years old and offers nothing but pure and natural skin care. Their Clear Advantage system is $66.00 and includes Acne Wash, Refining Toner, Acne Lotion, and a skin support supplement. This system works great and is what I’ve used to achieve the best results. It does take about 40 days to see results. The downside to this is that you must be a member of the company or find someone in your area to order it for you. They have a website that has all the information you need.

Acuzine is another popular treatment option for those with acne. This is a daily supplement that is taken orally. It has greater effectiveness on certain types of acne that even antibiotics can offer. Acuzine does not need to be prescribed by a dermatologist or doctor. It is advertised as all-natural and safe for those who are pregnant or going to become pregnant. There is a six month money back guarantee for these pills. You can get a two month supply for $69.90.

Derma Cleanse from ZENMED is a system similar to system that Arbonne offers. The set includes an acne gel, facial cleansing gel, capsules, and a regulating moisturizer. There is a sixty day money back guarantee for this system. It is all natural and costs $99.95. There are no side effects. It is safe for those who are pregnant. Derma Cleanse is a one time use product. The company claims that using the system once or maybe twice will cure all further acne. Only reorders of the facial cleansing gel is recommended for maintenance of the skin. I have never tried this and do not know anyone who has used this product before. It sounds almost too good to be true. The system will last approximately two months.

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