Top Soul Food Restaurants in New York City

3.Miss Maude’s ( is probably the best unknown Soul-Food restaurant in all of New York City. Their southern food and Harlem flavor are well respected, and their inexpensive prices are even more appreciated by its customers. Named after the owner’s Aunt, Miss Maude’s has a homey feeling and serves home-sized portions, too. Heaping plates of yams, macaroni & cheese, and collard greens are delivered to your seat, and they are all preceded by a big basket of corn bread. But don’t get full off that (as most do), because if you do, you will miss out on the best fried chicken in

Manhattan ! They also have a magnificent Short Ribs platter. And yes, the meat falls right off the bone! All and all, you will love just about anything on the Miss Maudes’ menu. From fish to pork chops, Miss Maude’s does it all, and continues to do it right! How it still remains under the radar, I don’t know.

2. When you think about pure, Southern-style, heart-attack causing, finger-licking, soul-food, you have to think about Amy Ruth’s (website not applicable). Located in the heart of Harlem, I can not think of a better place to go and get yourself a casual, home-cooked meal. Their message to their customers is simple, “You want home-cooked, southern food? Well, then this is it!” They have every delectable, well-known, southern-style food known to man – and even some that aren’t renowned! Every meal is preceded by a heaping pile of cornbread. The bread crumbles in your mouth, and it prepares your pallet for the wonderful meal you are about to enjoy. I personally order the smothered-pork chops every time I go here, but there are number of brilliant entrees that I came across before I arrived at my favorite meal. Their fried chicken, chicken & waffles, and spare ribs are all great choices. And their sides are even better. I know friends who go to Amy Ruth’s just to order the sides to take home, and I can’t blame them! It’s that good! And as if the food, the sides, and the homey atmosphere are not enough, than add the fact that they have the Kool-Aid of the day six times a week, and you can’t beat this place!

1. Sylvia’s Restaurant ( is classy, tasty, savory, Southern-food done properly. It has the upscale ambiance, the full-service bar, the lavish dining room and eloquent service. And yet none of this tops its top of the line food. While other places may have that homey appeal, Sylvia’s does Southern-food its own way. In fact, I’ve even taken it upon myself to call their food, Southern Gourmet food. And that is exactly what it taste like! It has the home-cooked smell and taste of southern food, and yet its refined, savory zest makes you think you’re eating it on the East Side instead of Central Harlem. But believe it or not, that’s where you are. And you won’t find a better serving of cornbread anywhere in Manhattan. But I would not indulge on the cornbread too much, because if you get full on cornbread, you won’t be able to enjoy their great sides. They’ve got wonderful chicken strips and even better deep-fried shrimp. For an entrÃ?©e, I recommend the spare ribs, but you really can’t go wrong with anything. The prices are very reasonable, because once again, this is not Central Manhattan. So head over to Sylvia’s and have the best gourmet meal you never paid for! And if you have any money leftover, and you will, try a piece of pie that will have you coming back and again and again and again!

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